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DGSweeper Downtime - 17-Aug-2012


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The DGSweeper will be experiencing some downtime today due to a technical difficulty I'm having. I hope to have it back up today.


For those who have been using it, how long has it been down? I've just woken up and knowing this might help me. I have the last logged download at 01:47:47 GMT. Is this about correct?


The reason it's down is that it's getting an empty response as to the location of it's resources. The problem that this causes it that when I get it working users may have to manually update.


I have to work today. Actually it's in a few minutes. But, rest assured I'll try and get my job done quickly so that I can get home and get this working for you all again. You'll all be notified of my progress, when I get home, and when I get it up and running.


Please be patient and huge apologies for the downtime!


Status: Fixed


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Update: It's fixed. If anyone is still having problems, please post below. I haven't had a lot of time to work on it, as I'm still at work, but I believe the problem has been resolved.


Please comment as to whether or not it's working for you!


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We are really sorry, it was a glitch caused by a system update. It is fixed now. All our services and servers are running without any problem.


Please, take our apologies and we hope that you are still enjoying our services.


Best regards,



I'm home from work now and can confirm that everything is running smoothly now. Thanks to those who notified me so I could fix it and get it resolved!


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