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Nex 4 ME cs Mass Grand opening

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Welcome to Nex 4 Me


Friends Chat for CS Mass: Nex 4 ME


This thread shows all rules and requirements ALL PLAYERS choosing to Nex in this friendschat MUST follow...


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Requirements xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



-95+ Ranged

-85+ Dungeoneering (CCB+Rigour)

-92+ Herblore (Ovls)

-88+ Summoning (Tort+Uni OR Yak+Uni)



Head – Armadyl/Pernix/void

Necklace - Fury

Chest – Armadyl/Pernix/void

Leg – Armadyl/Pernix/void

Weapon - CLAWS + CCB, Zaryte bow switch is permitted (minions/zaros)

Shield - Spectral/EEK/Elysian/Divine

Cape - Ava's device/Comp cape/Max Cape W/Spirit/Fire/Tok'Haar Kal permitted as claw/healing switch

Bolts - Ruby(e) AND Diamonds(e)

Boots - Glaiven/Snakeskin/Rangers

Ring - Archer's/Onyx (i)

Gloves - Barrows/Goliath/Swift/void


=-=Royal crossbow is NOT PERMITTED=-=





Any other Gear/Wepons is NOT ALLOWED unless stated by a Star Rank, any delinquent will be asked to leave or kicked/banned for any in-fractures to the requirements.


Rules are as follows:

-MD on all phases except shadow

-Players are not allowed in the nex room after umbra is called in the chat

-Players MUST claw spec nex on smoke phase

-players MUST loose cough be for umbra is called

-players MUST NOT attack Nex on siphon

-Players MUST free other players from ice prisons during ice phase

-Players MUST obey the higher ranks in the mass while Nexing

-Players MUST use ruby(e) and diamond(e) bolts for the kills

-If you die during a kill do NOT ask for a split in the drop regardless of what it is, if a player wishes to share his/her drop/split with you privately that is fine

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