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can't connect to swiftkit

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i just downloaded swiftKit,and after i press launch, a small box comes out. It said 'there was an error trying to decode the update files/ please goto the swiftKit forum and let us know.


Please help.



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[25/8/2012 23:40:08] Starting up...

[25/8/2012 23:40:08] Starting up...launcher version is 1.64.18

[25/8/2012 23:40:08] App data folder path is C:\ProgramData\SwiftKit

[25/8/2012 23:40:08] Checking folder structure

[25/8/2012 23:40:08] Attempt to set browser emulation

[25/8/2012 23:40:08] Check if drive is NTFS

[25/8/2012 23:40:08] Starting cleanup

[25/8/2012 23:40:08] Variables set

[25/8/2012 23:40:08] Delete all temp files

[25/8/2012 23:40:08] Delete all temp folders

[25/8/2012 23:40:08] exiting cleanup temp data

[25/8/2012 23:40:08] Finished cleaning up temp data

[25/8/2012 23:40:08] Initialize finished

[25/8/2012 23:40:11] Launch button was pressed

[25/8/2012 23:40:11] Get a setting from somewhere

[25/8/2012 23:40:11] Connecting

[25/8/2012 23:40:12] Update server responded, download update file

[25/8/2012 23:40:12] Got our update file, now decode it

[25/8/2012 23:40:12] Update file decoded, now read it...

[25/8/2012 23:40:12] Error decoding update file, bailing out...

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What language is your computer set to? There is a know issue that is caused by a flaw in Windows its self that we are yet to resolve. This flaw causes our security measure to kick in when your computer language is set to Chinese and perhaps Japanese.


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