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  1. Marius

    Is that it?

    The SwiftKit website now redirects to the Bluelight Dev site, which was the group behind SwiftKit. The client had been in maintenance mode for the past years, with no new functionality being implemented. With the emergence of other clients with more native interactions within the game it self, the time was right to end this chapter in RuneScape's history.
  2. Hi, Although I do agree with you, that app isn't maintained by us, but a 3rd party developer. We do not receive any proceedings, nor maintain the app it self. I'd recommend using the built in contact feature in the app store (under the review section, there should be `App Support`), to let the developers know :) I'm sorry I can't be of any more help than that though.
  3. Hiya, It seems to be opening fine for me, what I suspect might be the case is that you are seeing a rogue ad of some kind. The good news, is that we use google ads, so it should clear it self up thanks to their continual ad-reviews... the bad news is that it might take as much as 48 hours for it to happen. --- Just for fun, check that it's not your antivirus triggering on the ad, causing it to hang (you should be able to see this in your antivirus' log section)?
  4. Hi, This is somewhat expected behavior, as it stands we do not officially support the NXT client at this time, only the old RuneScape client (this has to do with how the NXT client is layered, which makes it inconvenient to try and use like we normally would)
  5. Marius

    NXT Support?

    Hiya, We do have a working prototype of the NXT integration, but due to how the NXT client is made we're currently fighting with an absolutely horrendous user experience issue when you try to include the client in anything. We do hope to find a workaround to this, but because of the nature of it, it's ab it hard to estimate, if we're lucky, some time this summer is as early as I'll dare guestimate.
  6. Hi, Are you playing the game wit hthe Official client support enabled, or some other way?
  7. I don't think we'll be doing anything to XP trackers (RuneMetrics handles this better than we could ever do), also interacting with the game it self is something we're not super fond of (and was always forbidden from Jagex's side up until OSBuddy was created and they suddenly changed their opinion on client interactions).
  8. Hi, We're currently running SwiftKit in maintenance mode, that means we'll adress any bugs but new features are not currently being implemented. Your problem sounds like a common problem when the client running locally is out of date, have you tried downloading a fresh copy from the RuneScape website (the download links are found at the bottom of https://www.runescape.com/download, we don't currently support the NXT client)?
  9. Hiya, Are you using the NXT client for RuneScape perhaps, as it is not currently supported (we're working on it, but no promises on a timeline for when or if that will be ready). The client SwiftKit expects is the (now) Legacy Client ( For Windows or Mac ), after you've installed it you may be required to restart the SwiftKit client for it to detect the newly appointed settings installing the clients provide that we need to detect.
  10. Hi, I'm not able to reproduce this problem, could you share a bit more details with us about your current setup. What username are you looking up, are you also playing old school or is it just the "Old School Tools" box that is checked to begin with? Also how are you accessing the calculators screen do you double-click any skill icons to trigger it, or are you going via the menu bar at the top left of the screen? (under Utilities > Calculators).
  11. Hmm, that's a bit awkward (also, way to really stick it to the f2pers ... ) We could probably check if you've checked DarkScape in the File dropdown menu, do you know if bonuses from things like clay tools and the likes still apply or is there special circumstances surrounding these as well in that case ?
  12. Hi, The password it self isn't recoverable if you've lost or forgotten it, but you can pull some information from the profile out by following this article: http://kb.swiftkit.net/question-recover-notes-and-history-in-a-profile.html
  13. Hiya, Glad you like SwiftKit! I think you'll want to change the URL for the download link, the reason we push it via our site is not only for stats, but to protect our end users, they know what site they are on and they know where they are downloading the file from. As for the stats, I'm afraid the yare not available over a public API as of right now.
  14. We don't force permissions because it's inherently insecure and circumverts the security processes in place by AUC in the first place. We want to be advocates of good security practices as well as provide a great tool after all :)
  15. Then we really need the debug data from the file, if it's not being written there's something inherently wrong with your system beyond the support we provide I'm afraid.
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