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  1. Simmo

    Debug Help Plz

    If you right click the swiftkit icon and go run as admin it should load, you should only have to do this once.
  2. Yes it most certainly will be. Swiftkit Mobile has been updated to include it now. The desktop version will be out shortly. In the meantime invention stats are displayed as "bounty hunter" in the stats lookup as everything got pushed down a notch.
  3. are you able to post a copy of your debug output
  4. Whats happening is that the runescape website is trying to load the "official client" this is fine however at the moment swiftkit isn't looking for it so it's not doing anything. On the side of swiftkit if you click the drop down arrow on there a box to check use "RS client". if you check that Swiftkit will start to look for the official client and load the game.
  5. http://www.tip.it/runescape/pages/view/divination_guide.htm#gleaming Guide has the location of level 50 Gleaming energy as "South-east of Rellekka" it is actually "Karamja" just the title needs to be updated.
  6. We are now back online. Swiftkit should now update itself.
  7. This relates to the issues we are having with our service providers who are currently being attacked, it's not our site specifically that is down it's a large chuck of our providers network. What is happening is that the launcher is trying to update and can't reach our servers because of the attack. At the moment the vast majority of swiftkit users are experiencing the same difficulties however swiftkit will normally bypass the update process. However because you are running swiftkit for the first time it needs to update in order to open as not all files etc are included in the install process. I'm afraid there's not much we can do until our provider is back online.
  8. Simmo

    SK crashing

    I'm also receiving this, from what I have been able to work out so far it looks like flash is actually crashing when the news page loads which is in turn causing Swiftkit to crash. Will update once I have a solution. Update: There was an issue with the windows update last night.
  9. Looks like a firewall (being a fresh install most likely the windows firewall) is blocking Swiftkit. As the patch notes aren't loading and the timeout error is because swiftkit can't reach the update server. My first suggestion if you haven't tried this already would be to right click swiftkit and go run as admin. My Second suggestion would be to allow swifkit access through your firewall. you can do this by type "allow app" into the start menu this will then bring up the windows firewall where you can add swiftkit to the exceptions.
  10. have you tried running Swiftkit as Administrator? you should only have to do this once.
  11. Simmo

    Screen Resolution

    you have a setting configured to limit the size of screenshots, if you select "original" in the Screenshot settings this will increase the resolution. SK has been tested to work with up to 4K resolutions.
  12. Yeah the "white thing" is a chrome notification popping up, since we hide the url bar, tabs ect from view it displays it funny. my suggestion with regards to the script errors would be to make sure windows and IE are both up to date.
  13. Simmo

    Swiftkit crashing

    sounds like there is an issues unpacking the images in the calculator you can disable the images, you can disable the images by going view > settings then check the "disable loading calculator images" box
  14. where do you have swiftkit installed to is it on your c drive? because this error normally occurs when you try to install swiftkit to an external drive.
  15. What version of windows are you running, also are you using the chrome feature?
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