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Another 'back again' thread


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Hey, I stopped playing RS in January 2010, was a member. Today logged on and created a new account. Played the troll task for a bit then turned the tutorial off - but you don't start in Lumbridge. I notice there is now a free home teleport for Burthorpe now? And a bank in Taverley. Plus the NPCs are voiced, there is a spin game giving you instant XP or coins etc. Hmmm...so I'm NOT ranting, but what I've seen so far is taking the challenge out of RS for me. All this free money and XP in the first few minutes of the game.


But I'm not ranting and just want to hear feedback from others like you. What other towns have been changed? Where does the spin wheel come into RS lore/storyline? How has gameplay changed since three years ago (lots obviously)?

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Draynor. (graphical)

Spin into lore:

Not. IVP bought shares in JaGeX and made it well.. more money driven. The spins for the squeal of fortune are buyable, and much opposed by players. Ditto for Solomons general store, but that's mainly cosmetic.

Gameplay changes:

More make-x, and more afk'able options on certain skills (runespan for rc, bonfires for fm, ..), and increased exp rates in most skills due to alternate training methods (herblore habitat, ..)

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