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  1. Around is a big word :) About a year ago, real life got too busy, and I was struggling to keep up with the pay-2-win folks in RS, so I ended giving up pretty much (I dreaded Invention skill, and it sucked as much as I feared it would). My forum activity has dropped alot as a result, but I do like to read up from time to time. Arenascape is one of the things I kinda 'see where everyones at' like once a year or so.
  2. I'll throw in some info here: There have indeed been 'levelling tournaments', one had the KEX_ prefix for all participant names, and one had the KEG_prefix, and one had KOP_prefixes. One of those made it into a highscores category. There have been attempts at building similar games, xn00bfreix ran a game called 'kickban.us' for a while. Turned out balancing was far from easy. As for 'low magic' and 'low ranged': If you have 'magic' below half your combat level, you gain an invisible strength rank. If you have 'ranged' below half your combat level, you gain an invisible hitpoints rank. If you have a HP rank of 4 or higher, you get a bonus strength rank of (HP rank-2). Why is this relevant? Let's apply it to a 6* hp (juggernaut) with low magic and low ranged. If I recall correctly, the low ranged pushes it to a 7*hp, thus to a 5*str from that alone. The low magic then pushes it to 6* str. Result: A shitload of HP (hard to kill), and when it hits you, it has a fairly high chance of landing a Crushing Blow (hitting you for 2x damage) The low ranged option made many builds without a 2* HP more viable against the (at the time) highly overpowered 7* ranged snipers. Classic builds like a knight (2* att / def / str) or barbarians (att/str ranks) would always get instakilled by sharpshooters, often alot of levels lower. Given exp scales pretty much exponentially, this allowed sharpshooters to level up much quicker, throwing off the balance even more. The very-well intended balancing act (my 2*att 4*hp giant utterly sucked), turned out to be a tad too efficient on the very high HP ranks, especially when combined with low magic and low ranged. Fwiw: I have access to my accounts (vmser, 6* ranged now, never finished its conversion to sharpshooter and sir_tertle, battlemage), as well as lord_waldorg (explorer account!) and hehasnoidea. Out of courtesy to hehas, I don't use those accounts though. I used to have access to thehates accounts aswell (archern00b, thevilpriest) but forgot password for those
  3. Lightning (account number two) is indeed active again. And Moly (account number 9) was active last year (alt account for Gugge), but she's ventured into the real world again. Beyond that I've seen Sir Beachy (number 108) and Gugge (number 126) in the last year. I've seen Sunjon (413) aswell, but that's a taken over name and not the original.
  4. I'll agree with the above, UNLESS the way the site is built is aimed at different costumerbases. If one of the sites is more towards 'young/hip' folks, and the other more towards a 'professional/bussiness' audience, it's perfectly viable to keep both as you'll attract a larger costumer base. If the approach is similar, merge them. (do keep the domain name, just have it show a page that explains the merge which auto-redirects after a few seconds...
  5. You're telilng me. I wish I didn't sell my p hats and santa hats, I could have relogged on and sold them today for actual money. Sigh lol I remember buying a santa hat for 50k and a week later selling it for 250k and how rich I was..... Whoops I can top that. I gave away my collection of party hats to Krest. They were just clogging up my bank space, and not valuable at all at the time.. (well, under 10k anyway)
  6. Quick post here to draw some attention to a Runelabs suggestion I recently made. Post as made on Runelabs: If you'd be willing to support, here's where to do so: https://[LikelyScam]/m=player-proposal/c=UXG1mzs8LME/view-idea?idea=43263 (or if you are cautious about links, search the suggestions for 'warehouse', there's only two results). In more detail this could involve items such as: FREE 150 pure ess from wizard cromperty 84 buckets of sand from bert 120 flax from geoffrey 40 free pineapples from dell monti Bag of lost items (from Desert Tasks) 20 noted potato cactus (from Desert Tasks) 8000 Tokkul (from Karamja tasks) Planks (from Morytania tasks) Collect items from any modified headdresses owned. AT PURCHASE COST - BUT ONLY AFTER REQUIRED ACCESS UNLOCK Battlestaves - from zaff, baby yaga and the prifddinas place Broad arrowheads from slayer masters (after buying the ability to fletch them) Yak-hide from Vanligga Raw bird meat from Oog'log Contents from the Culinaromancer's chest AT PURCHASE COST FROM SHOPS Runes from multiple magic stores Pineapples and seaweed from Arhein Feathers from fishing shops all over Gielenor etc. Details about how this could be implemented: base: - Start of with a high lvl (80?) construction room, which allows to hold the free supplies for one day. - Hire a staff member (similar to the butler) to keep track of your orders - needs a daily visit, as it holds stock for 1 day. expansion: Hard quest reward: - For every construction level over 80, the warehouse can store one extra day of supplies. Grandmaster Quest reward: - Hire another staff member which can be trusted with your money - allow him to buy supplies on your behalf on a daily basis. - GP limit on how much you can trust your employee with, could be based off QP, skill total, ... As for how this will not ruin our beloved economy: Most of the items aren't that big of an impact, as they are fairly low value. To pick out some of the more significant ones: - Potato cactus: As of today more a combat drop then genuinly farmed. Possibly to some extent picked up by bots. Very usefull in skilling (herblore). If any impact to be expected, lantadyme might go up a bit, the few slayer tasks dropping cacti might be slightly less popular. - Battle staves: The profit margin from G.E reselling is fairly low already, and bottomed out by alch value of staves. If anything, orbs may go up a bit in compensation, making the process a bit more worthwhile. - Yak-hides: Key impact is no more silly overpaying on these whenever 2x XP kicks in. It does take away an easy, little-skills-required moneymaker. Even for lower lvl accounts, money seems easy enough to come by. Whatever profit may remain on these, will however be far easier to get. - Broad arrowheads: Margin on these will definately decrease. Along with the suggested 'feathers', this would seamingly make fletching alot cheaper. However: This may push up the profit from making headless arrows (one tedioius, low xp task), and the more commonly fletching is done with broad arrows, the bigger the moneysink it forms. (and yea - we can use those).
  7. He actually got the message for 5.2b twice. Weirdly enough, the first came with 3 skills to 200m to go..
  8. Slayer points do come fairly fast anyway. Then again, in slayer dart runes, those are worth like what, 1.5m GP?
  9. It's broader then that, no? Some of the requirements: - Obtain all pets. (so yea, that does include Vitalis) - Obtain all trophies (kbd head, and what not, also the 'big' version of fish) - Max out everything in ports - Maximum floors in dominion tower - Collect all greegrees - Collect all hybrid armors (the minigame ones) - Max out dungeoneering rings in every option ..... Depending on source the list does seem to vary, i don't keep close track of HLF to know if there's an official one. I've seen stuff appear like 'max out slayer points' (64011?) and more of those nonsense things :p
  10. Is it me or have they forgotten about the ectoplasmator?
  11. What's the point of this post? I already acknowledged that this suggestion is bad so you're bringing nothing new to the table. The post did what you didn't: think about what would be required to make such a suggestion viable. I didn't state the idea was bad, I just bothered to think about how the obvious downsides (inflation) could be counteracted, to make the 'super high alchemy' think work without turning high alchemy and low alchemy entirely obsolete. Your base idea, without the additional thought and countermeasures was indeed crap. I just stated that it doesn't necessarily have to be bad, if it's properly integrated. If that's not bringing something new to the table in your eyes, I don't know what is.
  12. Okay, here's my two cents: As of today we have low alch (40% store value) and high alch (60% store value). Assume we introduce super high alch. We'll not be silly and assume 80%, but for the sake of it, let's go with 70%. Now, let's look into alching rune platelegs. High alch is 38400gp. Super high alch would be 44800gp, a 6400gp difference. This would - obviously - just push up the prices for supplies for rune smithing as it becomes the standard, and as long as there's no big loss on high xp methods that'll at least push the supply prices to breakeven with alch value minus alcher's profit margin. Yay for players? This would help the ones doing gathering skills and slayer for drops alot income-wise, it'd barely make a difference for alchers. For the rest of the players, the inflation would hurt their ability to buy resources. How would we counter the increased GP influx causing much inflation? - make it require multiple nature runes (more fires would just be countered from staves) (shift 'profits' to another skill. - make the casts on it limited to a certain amount a day, to be unlocked through a D&D. (limit effect) - make the casts only possibly with a (pricy) degradeable staff. (add a matching money sink) Now how could we avoid making high alch obsolete? That's fairly simple actually: (note: casts/h are very wild guesses, just trying to make a point) - low alch is faster (assume 1500 alches/h) - high alch is slower (assume 1200 alches/hour) - super high alch could be even slower (say 600 alches/hour) This would leave a fair few items that would be better to high alch then to super high alch. (esp. the lower value items, perhaps more fitting with the level range high alch is in). Heck, up untill recently (action bars and what not) low alch had its uses. At barb fishing Ive low alched 30k+ fish to keep inventory clear without disrupting fishing or manually dropping all. Key would be finding balance, both in limiting outrageous GP influx, as finding a balance in cost/profit vs magic exp gained along the way.
  13. pic of old hicores From that list Forsakenmage, Gugge, Sir Beachy, Zezima, and thehate are still active in rs3 (that I know of, maybe more.)
  14. I wrote one of the commonly used calculators back then. I'll see if I can dig up the PHP code for it.
  15. I've been given the choice between one of the two following laptops: HP ProBook 470G2 - 8gb ram / 256 gb SSD / DVD SuperMulti / 17.3" LED 1920x1080 full HD / AMD Radeon M5 M255 (2gb DDR ) OR HP Envy 17-j191nb - 8 gb ram /256 gb SSD / DVD SuperMulti / 17.3" LED 1920x1080 full HD/ Nvidia Geforce 840M / (2gb DDR) From the specs I've been given, the graphics card seems to be the main difference... Any pointers? (to be used for video display, runescape, and the occasional other game (trackmania, need for speed series, etc..)
  16. That is indeed bizarre. I just copy-pasted, rather then adding it with the correct codes for a link. Maybe a safety option to avoid code getting snuck into forum database.
  17. Friend of mine has a few old images of my account up: http://a_vyncke.tripod.com/vmserscreens.htm Think this is early 2002.
  18. If my sources are correct, it involved slaying 9.3k treasure hunter chests.
  19. RSC-wise I'd have to go with full black + rune square and rune b axe. Shame that had crappy stats though.
  20. Dark beast drop table was improved, and I don't see what the nagging is about. Coin drops ranging from 8-15k (commonly, i picked up over 700k on 350 kills), death runes now 10 instead of 3, 6 noted adam ore drop (I got 200+ adam ore from 350 beasts), and a good bunch of noted toadflax (most common, 2 at a time), lanta and dwarf weed (one at a time). In total I netted around 2.5m worth of drops in 350 dark beasts, which is alot more then I hoped for.
  21. Usually, miliseconds don't bother me much either. But once a macro in Excel takes over 10 seconds to execute, I like to figure out what's taking so long.
  22. Yes, I had figured bubblesort was O(n²), problem is I wasn't sure what the optimal was. Suppose I'll look up a Quicksort algorithm in VBA and modify it to alter the 9 columns rather then one for a single dimension array.
  23. In a VBA-project, i have an array which can range from 100x9 to 2500x9 (depending on the file it's run on). The way I'm currently sorting the array is based on alphabetically sorting the values in one of the 9 columns, based on a bubblesort implementation, and then swapping the 9 elements arounds (read 9 to temp, replace first with second, replace second with temp). However, for large arrays, which I'm inevitable running into, it's not nearly efficient enough. Which sorting algorithm would be the best to implement, taking into account I need to swap 9 elements around each time?
  24. Id guess protean bars for wilderness smithing (there's anvils out there - one near pirates hut for example).
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