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  1. Hi all, I decided to resub my old account to do all quests and get dragon axe. When Rsc was still free I never subscribed and thus never did the quests. I was wondering if anyone who was still subscribed wanted to help me with the quests? For instance i need to do the shield of arrav quest (haven't started). It would also be nice to have people to chat with. Let me know if you're interested, my rsn is Charatix.
  2. Personal collection, unless it really soars in price after the event, above 3m or so maybe.
  3. So I searched Edgeville for hours yesterday looking for one, and tonight I decided I would forget it and go back to training. Then I see this while training at the man house in Edge: I got it. My first. :D The best two ways of finding them are 1) Not trying to find one and 2) World hopping.
  4. I agree with some of the others that said, it's just not going to be the same. My friends from 06 and 07 won't be there, and I've moved on. So have they. While it would be cool to run around for 20 mins and maybe PK once, the fact that they're not opening this to f2pers (which does cut down on bots) in my mind means the idea won't go very far. In 6-12 months it probably won't be much more active than RSC. If they're trying to bring the old players back - obviously not members anymore - I don't get why they would make it p2p... Also, I'm pretty sure more players pked in f2p, so making only p2p servers available (! assumption) just... doesn't make sense. It's flawed but then it's flawed on top of that. .. Just my 2 cents
  5. One of the great things about RSC was the outfits. They just looked so much better than RS2. I remember being a noob in 2003 and walking around Varrock Castle, seeing people in full black with santa hats or party hats. Black armor was one of the best looking armors if not the best, you could be lvl 80 or 100 and wear it (and a rare hat) and no one would make a negative comment. Also, it just looked wicked with a R2H. :) There was just so much more room for style in classic, especially in the wildy. A level 40 pker with 1 defence would not bother wearing iron armor, 1) because R2H cuts through it like butter, 2) because it used inventory space better used for lobs... and it just doesn't look as good as wearing no armor. Or a pink skirt. Those were beast. Especially if you had a beard. 8-) Monks and druid robes were also great. It's been years since I played (obviously) so I forget the other popular outfits. What were yours?
  6. Good times... RS 2003 is my 'golden age' but still, that was the absolute best time for RS2 in my opinion. Damn bots. :(
  7. Umm... That looks like a lot of quests to me. If any of those give any defense or prayer XP, slayer is out. And dealing with scabaras gives you 7000 prayer XP so.. slayer is out... Any other ideas? :'( This is a f2p rune pure and I am not messing it up.
  8. is slayer faster than those 50hp rock things? how long would it take to get to 85 strength with 5-10 hours of playing time a week ? :s (with slayeR) thanks
  9. Hey hey. I don't play RS much so I have no idea if anything has superseded rocks (forgot the NPC name, those things with 50 hp in the fremennik area) as best melee exp for these combat stats: 60 att 76 str 40 def 1 pray (78 hp) (1 slay, 20 dung, 1 summon, other p2p stats ~1) Att, def, and pray are staying at those lvls. I do not want to do any long quests unless it's really worth it. I have NO p2p quests under my belt (that I remember), I have ~600k for p2p equipment (I'm f2p right now) I have not done d slayer. ...if that matters. So what would be the fastest exp? I want to get to 83-85 strength fairly quickly. I spend on avg 5-10 hours a week playing. Also recommending equipment would be cool too. Last time I was members (~2009) my equip was full rune, combat brac, d long, str ammy. What would be a good moneymaking alternative (decent-good XP and good money). Thanks- Ranger
  10. Umm.... 1) He's making a pure 2) He's F2p so 60 def would be terrible anyway 3) Mage tanks in f2p suck even with 40def 60+mage... Either do range/2h or scim pure... Def - 1 Pray - 1 Att - 40 Max range and strength to desired combat... I would personally aim for 40+ combat Equipment - if range2her, range gear (leather, greendhide), str ammy, etc... if scim pure, str ammy and scim.. don't bother with full iron if you're pking deep, it will kill run. But if you're doing 1-10 Edge then ya I guess. Just a tip, scim pures get owned by rune pures after like 50 combat and below that too. I would go with a range/2h.. Hope this helps ;)
  11. Definitely rolled back.. the character anims they added after 07 were ridiculous and still are (overall making the game more cartooney)... ok they ruined HP... the wilderness is gone... free trade is gone... that's all I can think of for now, I don't play regularly anymore. I'd take worse stats and a better game in a heartbeat.
  12. Ah, my mistake. Well that guide will still help you a bit, it tells you the max hits for range as I already said (63 range - 110s, 70 range - 120s, etc. check the guide). I actually had a very good range pure, got him to 83 ranged 72 hp all other stats 1. He was lvl 54. It's a lot of fun and I did get a decent amount of kills. But pure ranging doesn't get many KOs. A f2p range/mage hybrid can be incredibly deadly at the lower levels, that's another option too. Like, 63 ranged for 11s and 63 mage for decently-accurate 16s would be pretty good, you'll be lvl 33.
  13. Get attack and defense no higher than level 40. (1 Defense if going pure) Keep prayer at 1 If you want my opinion, you should go pure first. Max out a lvl 45-55 pure account with 1 def and pray and BH. If you decide to, don't get defense until after lvl 50ish, you'll get killed really easy by pures. This is a good range/2h guide, give it a read - http://forum.tip.it/topic/73999-rune-pure-ranger-the-build-f2pp2p-remade-23-october/ Range lvl should be at the next highest hit, strength should be around same lvl as ranged. As for equipment.. unless jagex has added new ranged equipment since 2008, I would say (if pure): leather body green dhide chaps, vambs leather boots coif str ammy maple short addy arrows r2h and a yellow cape always makes it look good. :D Don't bother with iron plate/helm and dhide combo. Hurts range accuracy and honestly it's like a knife through butter at lvl 30+. If 40 def.. equipment should be something like: rune helm, rune legs, dhide chest and vambs, rest the same. Or you can do chainbody, helm, and dhide chaps if you forgot to do d slayer at 35 def like me =D Good luck
  14. I would probably start over, because of the prayer. Getting 53 range again won't take you that long in RS. If you can't start over, then definitely don't increase pray/def anymore, get max att of 40, then get range to the next highest hit and max strength for your cb lvl. This is an excellent range-2h guide (lol, digging out of my age old opera favorites) - http://forum.tip.it/topic/73999-rune-pure-ranger-the-build-f2pp2p-remade-23-october/
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