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Hi. I am currently doing many of the older quests with my noob, and there are a few things most quest guides of older quests often fail to mention, simply because it wasnt added to the game until several years after quest was released. The 3 things are:


* Lodestone teleports. Makes getting around so much easier. Saves space in inventory since you dont need to take teleport runes. Sure, there are quests with fight where 1-click teleports are a huge advantage, but when you dont have to leave quickly because your character is taking damage, lodestone teleports are just wonderful. Quest guides listing that need/recommendation to bring this or that teleport had me confused a few times.


* Toolbelt. Do items in toolbelt work or do they not? Talking about stuff like hammer, tinderbox, hatchet, machete, chiesel etc...


* Familiar: is it allowed during quest or not? Are the fights multi combat so that a fighting familiar will be an advantage, or is a beast of burden better, or a healing familiar? Personally I am of the opinion that a spirit terror bird is the perfect quest companion, it carry your food, it fights and it's scroll help with run energy.


Reason for this post: I just did Legends quest. Among the items in toolbelt there is hammer, machete and pickaxe, with a full toolbelt you dont have to think about them, they are with you allways. Spirit terror bird was with me all the way, as a bob, single combat so it could not fight, but sure was helpful to have scrolls when running around. And sorry, no I didnt pay full attention to specific details in other quests I did, it took me a while to realize that info about lodestones, toolbeld and familiars simply wasnt in the guides.


Anyways, if you at some point look over the guides for older quests, you might want to add some of the above.

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Please think before you ask a question. If you ask the right question, its much more likely you get the answer you are looking for :)




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This is something I'd like to address too, so I'll bring it up with the rest of the crew at some point.


A few months back, I went through the guides and made notes on certain things and that included whether lodestones could be mentioned and if we can remove some toolbelt items from guides. I've still got that list somewhere, so I'll keep that in mind.


Some quests do mention lodestones and toolbelts, but it is the minority at this stage.


Regarding those three points though:


Toolbelt - Some quests still require the actual items, and others can just use the toolbelt. Obviously, this varies by quest so it needs confirmation before we make changes to the guides. A lot of the crew did the older quests ages ago, so unless they play through those quests on new accounts it can take a little while.


Lodestones - This can probably be done easily, but it would have to assume that everyone has access to the lodestones or it would state the alternatives (eg Varrock lodestone or Varrock teleport runes).


Familiars - The way I see this, it would probably be added as a tip or trick if it was particularly helpful for that quest. People do quests at different combat levels and with different combat skills. People can choose combat tactics which meet their needs.


All my opinion mostly, but I'll keep an eye out for that stuff in particular.

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I'll try to look out for toolbelt tools when I do quests.


Regarding Legend's quest, toolbelt work just fine - pickaxe, hammer, machete. In fact, when you search the cupbord for the machete *first time* you get message "you dont need another machete" if you have a machete in your toolbelt already, which I had (I got it from tai bwo wannai village I think, but dont remember)


Regarding Druidic Ritual toolbelt works just fine - chisel and fishing rod.


Regarding Eadgars ruse: Burthorpe and taverly lodestone teleports are extreemly useful while of course game necklace work just as well. Spirit terrorbird with scrolls can replace energy potions, depending on what suits the player best, terror bird with scrolls saves inventory space if you have the level needed, its quite a bit of running. Guide tell you that toolbelt work, but imo that info should be included at the very start of the quest when listing the items required.

Please think before you ask a question. If you ask the right question, its much more likely you get the answer you are looking for :)




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