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  1. For the record, Moly got her second oxhead today.
  2. Ok, thanks. I had not realized they are *that* rare
  3. I wonder about the oxhead and horseface in ports. With Gugge, I have my 4 oxheads, and I have seen more than that when rerolling crew. Nothing strange here. If I remember correct, I got the first 3 fairly quick after doing the voyage to unlock them, then I had to wait a while to get the 4th. With moly on the other hand, I have only ever seen one oxhead. That one I got immediatly after I did the shambling lair voyage. So I have one oxhead. That oxhead is now lvl 9. Since I got it I rolled through the crew daily, hoping for more to come. But no. I have not seen one more oxhead during that time. None! All other crew show up at more or less regular intervalls. Anyone else heard of someone with a similar problem? Anyone has a clue what the reason may be? Am I just unlucky? It shouldnt be related to my levels or my number of adventurers, should it?
  4. You may eventually look at a fan site, and sort for quest lenght - go for short. In the long run you want all quests, but for now, if you are after the grandmaster rewards, short is good. Novice is not always the same as short.
  5. Gugge

    Cabin fever

    Just a few small things Tinderbox and hammer from toolbelt will work, no need to pick the stuff up unless you really want to. Pirates on the ship are now lvl 38. There were not aggressive to me at all, but that may depend on my combat lvl, I am 183. Would be good if someone with lower combat could check if they are agressive.
  6. An alternative method to get nests are Managing Miscellania, set it to collect maple logs. If it is the nests and tree seeds in them you are after that is.
  7. Gugge

    rum deal

    This is a bad post, I didnt pay enough attention or take enough screen shots. But I post what I *did* notice, and hope that someone else can fill in the details I missed. Growing the blindweed. Rake and dibber - toolbelt work. There is absolutly no need for a watering can, when you have planted the blindweed seed and try to water it, you get the message "this patch doesnt need watering". When you start quest, game interface list requirement "to be able to defeat a lvl 150 monster". Zombie swabs are lvl 68 and weak to magic, they were agressive. They died extreemly fast to blood barrage :roll: yeah overkill I know. Zombie pirats are lvl 72 - but they were not agressive to me at all. Fever spiders are indeed lvl 100 just as guide state. That leaves the evil spirit, and that is where I messed up. I didnt notice its combat lvl, I didnt take a screenshot, rl got my attention for a few seconds and then it was dead. So can anyone else please check the level of the evil spirit. Is it the level 150 monster that is mentioned in the starting screen?
  8. Just a small note: Hammer and pickaxe - toolbelt will work. And of course Seers lodestone is handy for transportation
  9. Start with unlocking the new lodestones that was added recently, they make going around a lot easier. Regarding combat - what weapons and armour do you have now? You would want the best gear for your level within your budget. When you hold your mouse over weapons and armour, you can see it's level. So you would want at least level 70 weapons and armour if you go fighting, better if you can afford it, especially weapons. Skillwise - I suggest working on the skills that unlocks player owned ports. That is herblore, runecrafting, slayer, prayer, fishing and thieving, you need 90 to unlock each adventurer in ports - so start with fishing since that is where you are closest. You will also get a daily task each day, those tasks are good to do for experience in different skills. Questwise: the world awakes, and all quests related to it.
  10. Gugge

    Mountain Daughter

    The new Fremennik lodestone has made this quest a lot easier. The lodestone is located in the middle between Relekka and the mountain camp, so when going back and forth between them, no matter in what direction you are heading, its easiest to teleport to lodestone, that means half distance is covered (teleport to lodestone, walk to mountain camp, do your stuff, teleport to lodestone , walk to relekka, do your stuff, rinse and repeat) Svidi is walking around at the lodestone, so he is easy to find. Regarding pickaxe and hatchet - toolbelt will work. Transportation to White Wolf mountain - I suggest to mention Catherby and Taverly lodestones as ways of transportation. And finally - as with so many other NPC's, the Kendal's combat level changed with EoC, it is now lvl 46
  11. Regarding teleporting to troll invasion minigame with games necklace - sure it works, but I think the Burthorpe lodestone should be mentioned. And Arrg got a new level with EoC, he is now 110
  12. Just a minor detail that I assume changed with EoC. When you take the quiz to enchant the milk, one of the question is: "The combat level of Goblins near Lumbridge is" Guide currently state the answer is 2. but 2 is not an option in the quiz, and when you go to lumbridge and check out the goblins, they are now level 4. Also, I got a question that is not in the guide: "what is the name of the toy seller in Draynor Village?" - answer Diango. Crew edit: Crossed out completed section.
  13. I started to reply, then realized almost all i wanted to say was already said ;) Quests that open up new areas and transportation should be first priority. Anyways, in addition to above, I suggest the Plaque city series. It is Ardounge teleport, but it is also the crystal bow and the elven lands. If you plan on doing clues, you definitly want to do Legends quest. Ghosts Ahoy for the ectophial, both for gettng around and because its very useful for farming. Then of course, sort your quest list in difficulty order, and work through the Novice quests. They are very often quick, easy AND required for other quests. Oh - and do unlock the lodestones all over the world as soon as you can, it will make getting around so much easier.
  14. First a question: what rooms do you have at the moment, rooms that you are *not willing to move* I mean? Before rebuilding, I strongly suggest you to ask your friends if you can see their houses. When there, ask them for a guided tour, and especially ask them to tell you what they like most with their layout, and what they like least. Things to pay attention to when you visit other players houses are function - where you arrive - in relation to altar and other rooms you use freequently, for example the rooms that pingouin7 posted, but do think about what other rooms you use often. Portral rooms are a lot less important than they used to be, since the addition of lodestones to the game. Basic looks - what walls and floor do you think look best. Walking around in different persons houses really make you realize how different the basic impression of the house may be - how do the gardens and menagerie look in relation to the house? Also, sometimes your pets tend to get stuck in one room like the portral room which only have one door, and thats no fun to have them stuck in there - but I am not sure what to think of to avoid that. Ground floor, upstairs and basement. Have you thought this over? IMO, some of the nicest houses I visited had a few function rooms and a lot of gardens + menagerie at ground floor, and the rest in the basement, no upper level, but that is a personal opinion. You have a good basic layout I think. I assume you plan to arrive in the garden next to the chapel? But I dont see a basement. If you at some point plan to build a basement, do think about its basic layout now even if you dont build right now. Like oubliette under throne room, do you want more than one place to go down into the basement and such. Maybe you dont want a basement at all, thats fine of course :)
  15. To start player owned ports you need 90 in one of the following: fishing, slayer, runecrafting, herlore, prayer or thieving. You have 2 of them, so you can start it, and I suggest you do, it will take several months. There is a portral in Port Sarim docks, and it starts with a tutorial. To fully do ports, you need 90 in all the above skills, so if you cant decide what to do, start working on them. Reward from ports is lvl 85 armour. To learn EoC combat, I suggest you go slaying.
  16. I've gone there several times with clan mates who needed it for task. If i remember correct, 5 persons can do a full trip, which is a lot more fun than solo fail. 1 person with lots of ropes to repair nets, 4 persons with swamp paste and bailing buckets to keep boat floating.
  17. If you decide to try herblore habitat keep the following in mind: Vine seeds can be bought from papa Mambo Common jadinkos are a good source of all kinds of seeds. Keep all herb seeds and berry seeds for later, as you eventually would want them. Eventually I say - you may not be interested in all kinds of pots. On the other hand, you eventually get a daily challange for juju pots. Tracking jadinkos is very similar to agility - always the same bushes/holes etc. Make sure someone show you the way, or read a guide if you prefer that (map with spots to check are shown under hunting jadinkos) http://www.tip.it/ru...ore_habitat.htm Edit: to clearify - tracking jadinkos only to get the camofluage gear and to make hunter pots. The exp is in using traps! Construction can be assisted, and most people there happily assist (takes construction 80 to build dark pit for draconic jadincos), but there are usually high levelled players there huntng draconic, and since they need to pour hunter pot over their planted vine every 10 min, getting someone to assist is usually easy. With luck it take you 2 weeks to get full witchdoctor robes for camoflague. With bad luck it may take more. Catch all 7 normal jadinkos same week give you robe top *or* bottom - which one you get is random. Catching 7 normal + 3 different god jadinkos same week give mask. When you find requirement for zamorak god jadinko, make sure to catch many, if you hunt jadinkos the zamorak pots boost xp.
  18. The concept of overkill in RS is laughable, how does hitting higher then you need to slow you down at all? It doesn't, and from what I understand staves have a dmg boost to even them out with DW. Which, in theory is better because if you can take the dags down in less hits, you have new ones moving in faster. Did you try? I did and I agree with Chenw.
  19. Regarding hunter, I definitly suggest to do the 2 daily rounds of Big Chinchompa minigame. It is very nice exp for the time it takes (each game 20 min) - and it breaks up monotony. You may also want to check out herblore habitat, if you havent already - especially if you farm your own herbs. Farming pots are defintily worthi it *if* you farm herbs, and jadinkos are good exp once you have the Zamorak pots, but getting herblore habitat started is a bit of a hassle, eventually you dont think its worth the trouble. I have not tried the updated charm sprites, but yeah, I agree it is definitly worth checking out.
  20. There is advice and advice. My advice he can take anytime. Your advice is out of reach for him atm, both regardig lvls (chaotics) and funds (drygore). Your advice is better in the long run, I definitly agree on that. Still, if he want to start slaying now, he can start with what I suggested, and work towards what you suggested, choosing inbetweens as he se fit.
  21. On my little noob Moly, stats in sig, I use barrows armour + slayer helmet, fury, berserker ring, gano boots+gloves. Vine whip + EE for melee, Staff of Light for magic, crystal bow for range. Works ok, and are not too expensive. Think of that as a basic setup, upgrade weapons first. Personally when playing on Moly, I make sure to be on the right side in the combat triange since I'm a bit weak against some of the tasks duradel and especially kuradal assign.
  22. Gugge

    Swan song

    Another note: bob with food can be used if low level. I am currently level 151, used air waves for all fights - I had no need for food or prayers.
  23. Gugge

    Swan song

    As with so many other quests, lodestone teleports take care of most transportation, they should be mentioned - draynor lodestone to go see wise old man, Yanille lodestone to go see wizard Frumscone, Port Sarim lodestone to go see Malignius Mortifier. ~Crew edit: Done, thanks. Out with the new, in with the old: When you first enter the gate together with the wise old man, the sea trolls that come out of the sea are now lvl 90 Arnold Lydspor The 3 trolls that attack you while fishing are now lvl 80, 110 and 120. I missed taking a pic on the lvl 80 troll, it died too quick! Franklin Caranos Pickaxe, tinderbox, hatchet in toolbelt work. ~Crew edit: Done, thanks. Final fight The queen is now lvl 130 Tips, tricks and notes: Cooked fresh monkfish heals 200
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