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  1. Thank you for your reply! :) I haven't got a necklace like that or any cleaner thingy. The necklace I wear for fighting is the amulet of glory. I was however, using the exquisite crossbow and the offhanded exquisite crossbow, but they are the weapons I was using for lesser demons in the past. There was nothing different about what I was wearing or using when I went to fight them upon my return. When I went on a low slayer task, even though I'm not low, to get back into the swing of things, it was those fiery monsters near the cockatrices and I realised they were dropping accursed or infernal ashes whatever, so the next time I went to fight those, I took my half used accursed urn and it did pick them up. I'm wondering if perhaps either my half used urn had a bug from being dormant for so long, or if infernal urns no longer also pick up accursed ashes, only infernal, and the lower prayer urn picks up the accursed. However, when I was fighting the lesser demons with it and it wasn't picking them up, I went and manually picked them up myself and they were named just 'ashes' and didn't have an option to scatter. These were the lesser demons in Taverly, outside the blue dragons' gate and across the bridge from the dwarfs. I will try them again with a freshly made infernal urn. Maybe the 'ashes' drops were one of those booby prize drops. I've done the quest whichever one it was to access the gem mine in shilo village. As well as monster drops, perhaps besides cave slime, and regular mining, I have seen with the gem mine, that emeralds are less frequent than rubies and diamonds now. Maybe they have become more valuable because of their use with Sign of the Porter IV, which is easier to make, get the energy for and uses less of those, than the porter 5/ruby. Divination was fairly/kinda new last time I played. A couple of more years has probably been enough time for the preference to develop. Fighting, if you can call it that, the cave bugs, crawlers and slime for eye of newt was cool because they're so low and I didn't need to bring food, and if I stuck to the bugs, no anti-poison either. So it's annoying now that the cata-green creatures are the better source, because I have to bring restore, and a bit of food, prayer potion to extend protection from magic, although they still affect me through the prayer, the little so and so's, I have to run around picking up my bolts, and they take longer to die. I guess it was good range practice. Has this site been around as long as Runescape? Although my profile says I joined in 2012, I'm pretty sure I've been using it for way longer. All my memories of playing go hand in hand with my memories of using this site, so that'd mean since around 2000 or 2001. Have an ingenious day.
  2. I'm sorry that I didn't write my explanation of what is going on with my urns well enough. Infernal urns that I had already made a lot of before I took my break a year or so ago, were complete with the activating rune on them. I took the half used one and some spare one's to fight lesser demons, as I had done often and many times before. The half used one didn't fill up. The ashes remained on the ground. I was then surprised that when I picked up the ashes manually, there was not an option to scatter them, because they were now just normal white ashes, they used to be a greenish yellow when I last played a couple of years ago, and the infernal urn used to collect them without me having to do anything except carry the urn in my inventory. I didn't leave it in the bank. So the ashes of lesser demons have changed. Perhaps the change is that infernal urns don't pick up lesser demon ashes? Perhaps the lower level prayer urn does? The next urn confusion I had was when I took my half used cooking urn from the past to go do some cooking, but didn't bring a spare. It started filling up the rest of the way from a small task of chopping up stuff into bowls, I think it was onions, or could have been mushrooms, either way I was surprised because I vaguely didn't remember that that task did any urn filling in the past. The urn filled up. So my next click on the bank after teleporting that urn, I took out a new urn, closed the bank interface and continued with the same task. The new urn (complete with rune activation - you can tell because it is coloured) did not initiate and did not start filling up until my next inventory full of cooking. The same thing happened with fishing and mining, if I didn't bring a spare, the next urn (withdrawn and held in my inventory) would not start filling up until the next inventory-full of activity after that. The nice thing I did find though is that now spare urns get squeezed into the same inventory space, numbered. They used to be all separate, so if you took a couple of spare unused urns, that would take up 3 spaces including the used one. Did I mention that I have a 15 year vet cape? I do know that urns don't fill up in the bank. I have been playing for some time. So I think there is a change in that if you don't have a spare urn with you, the next one won't fill up until the next round after that? And that infernal urns don't pick up lesser demon ashes, and lesser demon ashes have changed to white normal ashes that can't be scattered manually either. Ironic though that the tiny, much lower level imps' ashes can be collected by an urn or scattered. Thank you for the links to the new types of urns. I didn't know the information existed because it is not in the table of urns. I have however, found some information on them by looking through the in-game interface when making pottery. I tried doing an items search for divination fragments, and shark fragments and the other two I mentioned and they didn't turn up in the tip.it database. The game didn't have any obvious info on them either. I tried the search engine on the top right of the tip.it screen, but that didn't return anything either. Thank you for your information on that. One of the resources I went to get was eye of newt, I know you can just buy crates of them .. and unicorn horns/dust. My favourite place for getting all of those types of herblore things was the caves in lumbridge swamp - bugs, crawlers and slime. But when I went there, the new frequencies of those drops (lack of) were very disappointing. I went to the bestiary database and did an advanced search with drops and went through the whole list trying all of them that I am of level to, until I found that the catapo .. whatsisface green thing in edeville stronghold of whatsisface was the best one for eye of newt. No joy on unicorn horn/dust though, not in lumbridge swamp, hardly any anyway, so I then went into the forest and actually killed unicorns, which you might think is silly but I don't like doing that, cos they're traditionally nice creatures - one of my all time favourite movies is Legend with Mia Farrow and a very young, hot Tom Cruise, I saw it at the movies when it first came out when I was a teen. Another annoying thing I've found is that monster drops of gems don't get transported with Sign of the Porter anymore. Yes I am picking them up. No joy. Eye of newt picked up from a monster drop for example is getting transported, which proves that I am picking it up correctly. Only gems gotten while mining are getting transported. The other sort of change I'm finding, with gems, is that emeralds are less frequent, in mining, than rubies and diamonds, when it used to be more. Have they become more valuable than rubies and diamonds? I don't remember the rune plate body requiring a quest to wear it. I have done Dragon Slayer but I'm pretty sure I've had my rune plate body since before that. I do remember though that when I reached the stats required to wear the dragon platebody, I went to buy one and it said I needed the Monkey Madness to wear it, or perhaps even buy it. Which started my whole process of getting to Monkey Madness in the past. I don't know why a scimitar would have spurred me on to do Monkey Madness. Perhaps access to Ape Atoll, although I don't see anything special about that place I'd usually want. Thank you for your time, Dragon Slayer. Business and Logistics, in case you're wondering what I was studying, Diploma. And next year university for double major, Business and English/Creative Writing. I'll be 50 when I'm done. BobbieK xx.
  3. I've just returned to Runescape after a year or so, been studying. There's quite a few new things and then there's old things I'm getting around to that I didn't before. So I've come to Tip.it to look things up, because it's the place I've always come to since I started way back when .. (I have a 15 yr vet cape). I'm finding that not many or any of the new things are on here, and the changes to the old things aren't either. I'm wondering, have the usual updating people of the site gone on long service leave, or annual leave or some other holidays? If so, when will they be back? Things I've tried looking up: Urnsnew urns such as Divination and Farming,and why aren't my infernal urns picking up ashes from demons, and why can't I scatter ashes from demons?Why aren't my new urns initiating properly? When one fills up, the stuff that was filling it up before isn't filling up the new one, especially if I don't have a new one in my inventory ready to take over. The new one in my bank won't start filling up until I'm doing something with higher points/fill rate/percentageWhat is New Varrock? It's not on the in-game mapWhat are these 'fragments' I keep being told I've gained: Divination, Shark, Gemstone Golem, CamouflageAnd what are these Memory Strands?Catherby is all re-arranged!Where else besides Lumbridge Swamp and near Eagle Peak are the new bank chests? And why are they there?And I was brewing in the ghost place, Plasmyre whatsisface place, and had my ghostspeak amulet on so decided to ask the ghost assistant for some ale yeast. He said that'll be 5 ectotokens, I said OK and even though I didn't have any on me, payment was made. Maybe I had some in the bank he used. But I couldn't find them in my bank after, to see if I had any more. I guess they were all spent because the next time I was there he said I can't afford it, or don't have enough ectotokens or whatever. Pretty sure I remember they were in the bank when I had them. Are they now supposed to show up in my 'currency pouch' or something?I remembered that when I was playing a year or two ago, one of my goals was to do the monkey madness quest so that I could buy and wear a dragon plate top thingy armour. That was one of the first quests I went to go and finished upon returning. When I proudly then went to the exchange to buy it, I then found that it was the dragon schimitar that was usable after doing Monkey Madness. Did that change? Or was it that all along?And I'm frustrated that the monsters I used to go and fight for this or that resource, aren't dropping that resource very often anymore. I have found a few alternatives on this site. So I guess the monsters and their drops have been updated, but I've found no mention of the other stuff. I tried looking up other sites but this is the one that I trust. I don't feel comfortable going somewhere else. Thanks for your time. BobbieK.
  4. Has there ever been or is there really an 'exclusive VIP members forum?'. Gold premier club subscription promised such a thing but I don't see it anywhere. I know that this site is not Jagex, but I am wondering if anyone else here has gone looking for it and found it, or not.
  5. yes that is the one, thankyou
  6. What kind of 'special boots' do I need to cross a slippery log? it's not the boots of lightness.
  7. monsters like dragons I don't fight for farming, I fight them for the thrill and the thrill of the drop. Back in the old days .. "when I was a lass .." it was a thrill to fight Moss Giants and collect that muddy key and run to the lava maze, fight the demon and open the chest and get rubies and pizza. Dragons are THE fantasy aren't they? I'm like: "wow look what I got! and I nearly died!"
  8. Ever heard the song "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to"? Probably the same thinking behind the American crew of those who created the celebration on Runescape. I'm not American and the celebration doesn't bother me. However, I do find it odd when some of these celebrations and events, and particularly their costumes, don't exactly go with the era Runescape is themed to be set in - kind of distracts from the fantasy.
  9. I'm a vet, I've got a 10yr vet cape and if they make a 15yr one I'll qualify for that too. I have never ever come across anyone calling anyone else in the game a bad player or a horrible player for any reason other than botting or rudeness. If there is people calling other players bad players or horrible players for reasons other than those I mentioned, take it from me as a 43yo and someone's mother, it's pretty fing STUPID. And for you to entertain that, is pretty stupid too. Sorry.
  10. I favour the melee armour. I use ranged against greater and lesser demons, but it's only blue, I'm not up to crafting a full body of red yet, and my melee skills are much better than my ranged. With protection against magic prayer, while my prayer is a decent level, and prayer potions with a greater reverence aura, I don't see the superiority for myself with ranged against dragons. I also only use what I can make with the crossbows and bolts - my highest crossbow is the one I won - a magnificent (?) or something crossbow (there was a whole range of weapons named it, I got both the crossbow and off-hand crossbow, the mace, the wand and a couple other things which I didn't need so destroyed), and a mith crossbow which I am up to making myself, I'm not quite up to being able to make adamante crossbow yet, just got high enough to smith adamante the other day, I'm up to daggers. And the highest bolt I have is topaz or sapphire or emerald tipped, I think I have ruby tipped but I like to save half my rubies for other uses, sign of the porter and ring of forging. I don't know if I can make diamond tip yet, haven't tried it because I like to save my diamonds for when I can make diamond amulets. I should be higher .. I've been with it since 2000 or 2001, got a vet cape, but I only play in spurts, like I don't bother with the community events coz I know I won't be around to see it through. Same with clans. Maybe I'll try out ranged with a blue dragon first since they are definitely easy to me at the moment. I'm glad they aren't aggressive like they used to be - a couple of years ago upon a new return I went into a cave I didn't know and got mobbed by the green dragons and died and lost all my good armour :( coz I also didn't know how to get back there or that I had a grace period to go and get it, wouldn't have been able to anyway with the green dragons still there. Now I always have a back-up set of everything in the bank. Anyway, thanks for the advice, but I would like to know what you think I'd need to bring to fight a black dragon or demon if the ratio of my skill is as I described for the red dragon. Put another way, if I don't need any tuna potatoes until after 2 red dragons, how many tuna potatoes would I need for one black dragon? If I don't need any for about 4 greater demons, how many would I need for a black demon? I don't enjoy the slayer thing as yet. Only when I need something the slayer monsters drop. Like the cockatrice for it's egg.
  11. If I found that I easily lasted 2 fights with a red dragon with no food, antifire potion or prayer, but WITH super-strength, defence and attack potions, what do you advise I will need per BLACK dragon or black DEMON? Getting up the courage to do it .. Btw, not that I live for the GE or anything, but I've always thought it frustrating that although green dragonhide is used for a lesser skill crafting and ranging, it is worth less than the blue dragonhide yet the green dragons are harder to fight than the blue. But I'd just like some advice on my question in my first paragraph :) Oh, and also - if not the black dragon or demon, what would be the next hardest monster to fight than the red dragon?
  12. I was talking about the guide here on tip-it. On the skills guide, summoning, summoning pouches, also under 'familiars and their scrolls', on the same page, only two pouches are listed to be made from the crimson charm. Spirit Scorpion and Spirit Tz-Kih. The link to the guide is http://www.tip.it/runescape/pages/view/summoning_guide.htm#pouches Too late now anyway, I already mined and smithed 480 bronze claws and Spirit Scorpion pouches, using up all of my crimson charms, never to be picked up again, for I would have no use for the Spirit Tz-Kih and I doubt I'll use up 480 Spirit Scorpions before the end of my RL life. Moving on to Green when I feel like sparing the $ for the shards. I see there is a 'next' button .. doh. oh well. already done.
  13. it's alright, I thwacked the catacomb monsters for a while before realising it's not faster .. and so just mined/smithed them. Ended up liking the SE of Lumbridge mine and running back and forth over the bridge to the Al Khirad bank, which is 10 secs quicker than Home Teleport to Al Khirad and running to the bank, then smelting from there too :) and then using the anvil and bank in West Varrock. Better than Burthorpe. Even faster when I took all my clothes off. Sardomin_Mage the only two crimson pouches I found on the list were for the scorpion thingy with a bronze claw or some other one with an obsidian charm as the secondary. There was only two pouches listed here for crimson. anyway got it done and the fusing by 11 last night West Aussie time. It was to free up the space in my bank the crimson charms were taking. A different pouch would have made a new bank item and defeat the purpose anyway. I already had scorpion pouches in there, but oops I didn't already have the snail one, so that one actually made one for one .. hmm. Spose I'll be using up my herbs next.
  14. now I'm making the claws I find it's 2 bars each .. back to mining and smelting another 450 bronze can anyone remember which catacomb monster drops the most bronze bars? would that be quicker/more fun than making them? I wish we could make and gather our own spirit shards and blank pouches :( spirit shards especially, they're expensive
  15. I remember they were useful with fighting the dragons .. not so today with the demons However later today I used/wasted them collecting thin snails .. I was going through stuff to use up stuff in my bank to make bank space .. had a tonne of gold charms .. 350 snail whatsis pouches .. now onto using up the crimson .. 450 scorpion whatsis with the bronze claws .. finding good tin and then copper mines was tricky .. ended up favouring the tin next to the west Falador bank and the copper at Rimmington for being close to the Port Sarim home teleport pad .. smelting smithing 450 bronze claws now .. then I'll not bother picking up gold or crimson charms for .. probably years .. maybe one year.
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