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  1. There are shark bots, blue dragon bots, and green dragon bots, so lets remove those from the game too.
  2. [X] Became a Member Quests [X] Barrows Gloves [X] Ancient Spells Unlocked [X] Lunar Spells unlocked [X] Been inside the Death Altar before [X] 100+ Tears in Tears of Guthix [X] All Quests Completed Champion Challenges [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [imp] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Goblins] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [skeletons] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Zombies] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Giants] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Hobgoblins] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Ghouls] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Earth Warriors] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Jogres] [ ] Obtained a Champion Challenge Scroll [Demons] [ ] Defeated The Champion of Champions Mini-Games [ ] Pharoahs Sceptre from Pyramid Plunder [ ] Guthan Spear from Barrows Minigame [ ] Phasmatys Flag from Trouble Brewing [X] Fight Caves Completed [ ] 4000 Chompy kills [X] Finished the Rogues Den Maze [ ] Any Void Knight Piece of Clothing/Guthix Mace [ ] Gold Castle Wars Armor Piece [ ] Robin Hood Hat from Treasure Trails [ ] Manta Ray from Trawler [ ] Sea Turtle from Trawler [ ] Maximum Mage Training Arena Points [Orangish Hat] [X] Completed Stronghold of Security [X] Won a game of Fight Pits with 20+ people [X] Bones to Peaches Unlocked [X] Completed Mage Arena with at least one god spell Guilds [X] Mining Guild Access [X] Legends Guild Access [X] Fishing Guild Access [X] Champions Guild Access [X] Warriors Guild Access [X] Heroes Guild Access [X] Rangers Guild Access [X] Magic Guild Access [X] Cooking Guild Access [X] Crafting Guild Access [X] Prayer Guild Access [X] Rune Defender [ ] Perfect Score in Rangers Guild Minigame Monster Drops [ ] Dragon Chain from Kalphite Queen/Dust Devils [ ] D2H from Chaos Elemental [ ] Dragon Axe from Dagganoth Kings [ ] Warrior Ring from Dagganoth Rex [ ] Beserker Ring from Dagganoth Rex [ ] Mud staff from Dagganoth Prime [ ] Seers Ring from Dagganoth Prime [ ] Seercull from Dagganoth Supreme [ ] Archers Ring from Dagganoth Supreme [ ] Dragon Shield Left Half Drop [ ] Abyssal Whip Drop from Abyssal Demons [X] Dragon Legs/Skirt from Metal Dragons Games Room [ ] 1500+ Rating in Runelink [ ] 1500+ Rating in Draughts [ ] 1500+ Rating in Runeversi [ ] 1500+ Rating in Runesquares Player-Owned Houses [ ] Sat on a demonic throne [ ] Got trapped in a Greater Magic Cage [ ] Used a Scrying Pool [ ] Mounted Fish from fishing [X] Mounted Head from any monster Moderators [ ] Seen a Jagex Mod [ ] Became A Player Moderator [ ] Been muted by a player mod Random Events [X] Full Mime [X] Full Camo [X] Full Zombie [X] Full Lederhosen [X] Spirit Seed [X] Any Bird Egg Skill Related [ ] Top 10k in every skill [X] 100+ Combat [ ] 126 Combat [ ] 200m xp in a skill [ ] 99 in one skill Seasonal Items, Retired or not [ ] Own/Owned a Party Hat [ ] Own a Scythe [ ] Own a Rubber Chicken [ ] Own a Yo-yo Miscellanious [X] Unlocked Dragonstone Chest in Taverly [X] 180k Crystal Bows [ ] Burned a Fiyr Shade [ ] Obtained a Wiley/Lazy Cat [X] Finished the Lava Maze [ ] White Knight Master [1600 kills] [X] Obtained Skull Sceptre [ ] Own a pair of bunny ears [X] Every Monkey Greegree [ ] 2.1B cash [X] Own all three completed prayer books [ ] All Musics Unlocked [ ] All Emotes Unlocked
  3. I was at Jad last night. I didn't get him, but I was able to do prayer switches like I had before.
  4. Very nice levels. But, to speed things up, why not raise magic on slayer and get 99 magic and then 99 slayer? I know a few people who've done this, and they say fire bolt w/gauntlets works very well. Just something to consider.
  5. I picked zammy. The way I see it, you'll only be wearing it if you want the prayer bonus. And if you have the prayer bonus, you're almost certainly going to be using a protection prayer. So defense doesn't matter, and you want to maximize offence. Zammy maximizes your offense with a prayer book.
  6. Grats on all 70+. 126 combat anytime soon? I mean, your four closest stats to 99 that aren't already are all combat (melees and ranged) and your fifth closest is slayer, so... Anyway, what're your current goals?
  7. Spent like 8M on veracs and a whip and a dds. Then did lost city. Then went and owned in castle wars.
  8. It's not new. And to everyone who says the two bites makes it worse... You eat pizza faster than swordfish. Clearly you've never seen any clan war setups. You can eat 1/2 a pizza AND a swordfish in the time it takes to eat one swordfish. And most members can make pizzas insanely fast at the culiomancer's chest, much faster than it could possibly be to fish swordies.
  9. Lets take a look at your w16 air crafting example. You are giving away 25 ess and 2k and receiving 25 ess. Lets say you bought the ess at 30 each. Thats 750 in ess, for 2750 gp worth of stuff given away. You recommend 55 runecrafting and selling for 15 ea. Like that, per essence you receive 6*15=90 gp. For a trade of 25 you get 2250. So you give away 2750 and receive 2250. I must be stupid, because I don't see how losing 500 gp per trade is making money. :? But air crafting is good money. So you might want to add running it yourself to actually make a profit.
  10. Its an ok guide, but very lacking. For instance, you mention that if you know someone's an ancient to kill them first. But guess what? If they're even slightly competent they'll kill you, by freezing, running, freezing, running, etc. You should ALWAYS bring ranging gear for the ancients. Black d'hide and c bow is great, but full (yes, full) karils is better. Ancients die quickly to karils xbow, and their spells mainly splash against its mage defence (best in the game). Your way, if you kill them at all it will cost you a TON of food/hp. This in turn requires 70+ ranged in addition to your recommendations, and higher magic helps too. Using your method of veracs is ok for killing meleers, but you left a lot out. For example, against rangers you should definitely use a rune defender with a whip/dds special. Going melee/range hybrid is definitely the only way to go. You also might want to include some tactics for actually fighting (such as whipping down to about 40 hp then dds specialing) and suggested inventories. Nice start, but there's definitely room for improvement.
  11. I kind of disagree... Even though the ones available from zybez/rune hq are safe.
  12. Congrats on 99 crafting, and good luck on 99 agility. But why don't you just get 99 magic first? You're only two levels off...
  13. When I had that clue I had no sara wizard.
  14. 1st Rune mining 2nd Air crafting 3rd ? I don't consider merchanting.
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