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    Tanning my hides in Al Kharid while chasing Ellis
  1. Theres no reason to kill the KBD. The only unique thing he drops is his face.
  2. Ew? Why would you spend 2k per cast when theres cheaper spells that get the same job done as quickly?
  3. They hope your will is easy to overpower by making it seem like what you're doing is a terrible thing.
  4. Im fairly confident that enchanting diamond jewellery would be quicker than smelting iron(67vs53 xp per), and swordfishes are faster for cooking- though, who cares? if we have all skills 99 we wouldnt want to be f2p anyway. The first post is wrong about fletching- 1.4m xp can be gained making dragon darts, not arrows. I don't think you can enchant diamond jewelry (or any jewelry) on f2p. I might be wrong though.
  5. I guess switching from the prayer menu primerally right? If it isn't then please continue and explain. I'm considering going for the Fire Cape soon.. as soon as I get enough to buy Guthans.. Even at 80 something defense I get the feeling something will go wrong, and I don't want to ever have to go through those caves again.. u got it switching between prayer screen and super restores/range pots I don't know why you'd press escape because you're still going to use your mouse anyways to turn on the prayer or chug a potion. Might as well just click on and use only 1 hand.
  6. Okay people couldn't tell I was just kidding around in my post.. but they do it for money and for popularity (good or bad).
  7. Do you have to put ~'s around your posts?? It only makes them look stupid.
  8. Is every thread on tip.it a conspiracy theory these days? :roll:
  9. I walk home on the left side of the street everyday then one day, I decide to try the right street and lightning strikes me. Therefore I can conclude that if you walk on the right side of the street OMG LYTNING STRYK JU!!
  10. It's pure coincedence, people. Theres no "OMG IF I DO THIS THEN DROPS WILL BE GREATER." Save your conspiracies for the OJ Simpson Trial. Aside from Ring of wealth, there is no way to improve your drops.
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