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  1. It had better be next month or the RS economy is in BIG trouble. Sorry for being ignorant, but what do we want changed about it qeltar? I personally am looking forward to long-term charts (it's gonna be an RS stock market!)
  2. Hmm... your signature says you're retired... i know... odd... :shock:
  3. shilo - brimhaven and vice versa costs 10 gp :idea:
  4. I find it incredible to believe that absolutely no one playing RS last night wanted to buy Mithril Bolts. Not the most common of items, but there's certainly an audience for it. well maybe they did but didn't use the GE alot of people don't use the GE to buy dds's and other stuff ddses are horrible at the moment... 39k, going down, and they have not gone up once! and super poisons are at 7k each 30k +7k + diamond/29ddses = no profit :ohnoes:
  5. wow, all this is just disproving the original post... also, i've seen someone on these forums with a siggy where he and another guy each opened an x-mas cracker on each other
  6. gratz rsw44! man that cape looks cool! too bad i have an inherent dumbness to not be able to get 99s!
  7. hahahhaahaha sorry i just remember those days... ahhh the good ol' trade twelve trade twelve trade twelve.... TOOK FOREVER!
  8. i saw it too! i asked on clan chat what it was no one had an answer...
  9. why cant i see any of the first post siggies? help please :(
  10. quatre hamesh ~ hebrew transliteration quatro four Anyone here speak hebrew?
  11. Nice 105! this looks like a good guide... also, I think I've seen a 134 around these forums somewhere... it might've been in a "monster drops and hits" thread... something like that...
  12. ugggh great... more Ring of Wealth questions... :?
  13. ^^^^it'd bring skill, (not RS skills) back to pking like there once was in rsc with the three hit quit system
  14. In runescape, who inspires you and for what reason? can be anyone... Give a story, share a pic if you like... Here's my personal example: Master Smither : he accomplished a goal that few people could do. He has great determination, and even though people might insult hi, he overcomes that. Misterxman : Great castlewars player and friend of mine \ Edit: Thanks to whoever moved it :
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