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  1. so unless you have a the right openGL thing there's nothing you can do to change the way runescape will run?
  2. my best questing day was when i finished recipe for disaster and desert treasure on the same day I was soo happy i just sat around the rest of the day with barrows gloves on
  3. GutenMornig

    Permanently Banned

    I'm sorry to hear about this lep though i didn't know you your goals thread was one of the first threads i ever read and it really kept me coming back to tip it good luck irl
  4. if they fix the lag then i will like this so much more i even tried to switch everything to the lowest setting and it have caused more lag for me
  5. yeah i get this with water fiends which would be awesome but honestly I probably shouldn't be fighting them cause it costs alot of money for the prayer pots and then the super sets and although i do love the crafting/mage exp and cash from the orbs it takes me multiple trips to do them I have 188 of them right now (biggest so far) and I am contemplating canceling/blocking them but i dont wanna use my points :XD:
  6. i recently just went back to the HAM hideout and did some level 1 clues made about 600k in around an hour best stuff was: wizard hat(t), Green ele legs, black platebody(g) and black kite (h5) so that was a nice profit but recently I've had really bad level 3's that took awhile meh It'll never stop me from doing them
  7. so I've heard from numerous sources that one can make money from herblore and I was wondering exactly how?
  8. does anyone have a back up version of this guide?
  9. it allows you to have a 15% attack and strength bonus on all tasks totally worth it
  10. rofl so i was looking at your blog and reading it and i was like when did wakka switch from summoning to smithing? then i realized those posts were super old :XD: update this baby wakka!
  11. 65 slayer pwns! but i have 93 cmb and 67 slay :XD: nice job with the quest cape I wanted one but that idea slowly died.... Anyways great job keep it up!
  12. oo no Shey has a higher range lvl then me now.... *runs to greaters to with 10k bronze arrows* gratz I wish I rocked as hard as you
  13. Don't stop Dusty I don't wanna die I got seeds to give you when I get on
  14. Dusty Smells \ When I get members back ill donate some stuff to you dusty man or ill find stuff to donate to you cause i might quit who knows... doesnt mean you dont smell :D
  15. What kind of genre do you play? I hope it's one where we can understand the lyrics :XD:
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