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  1. Not too bad, in about 3 hours of boxing I'm up to 110M (Started with 5M)
  2. It's been a long time, but I've finally maxed my melees. Defence, Attack, and finally Strength.
  3. I was having problems connecting to the main page, and since I was already logged in, no issues with that. However, my latency seems to have skyrocketed and I can't connect to anything besides the game (Adventurer's log, highscores, etc) without waiting ~30 seconds for the page to load, and even then it's a sketchy connection.
  4. Hopefully this Slayer dungeon will add some of the profit back into slayer, because right now you make pretty much nothing.
  5. I don't do this anymore, but back in the day (2005-2007) I would do nothing but stand in Edgeville, world 99. I've probably got 10+ days played just standing around doing nothing of value.
  6. N0valyfe is the only one that comes to mind, he came out of nowhere and gave Zezima a run for his money for awhile there. Then of course there's the pkers, like 3 Hit U, Mahatma, etc. A bunch of TIFers are far more influential, to me anyway, Sykoknight comes to mind here.
  7. Coandca5


    Rum and Dr. Pepper is pretty good, too.
  8. TzHaar is the worst I've seen it, to be honest.
  9. That was a good read. I just renewed my membership a few days ago because I have some "unfinished business" within the game. It wasn't until I had a slayer task at the TzHaar area that I realized how bad of a problem the bots really are. Every single location I've been to outside of Kuradal's dungeon has been just filled to the brim with identical copies, just botting forever. Granite platebody, Dragon med, Dragon legs. I would rather lose free trade and the wilderness again than see the game continue down this path, because this path appears to be leading it to its death. For some reason, when I look at the current state of Jagex and RuneScape, I see a "corrupt government" that has no control over it's own downfall, and when they see their "citizens" acting out, protesting, and speaking out against that "government," their only course of action is to ban people, shut down any negative feedback, and put on a facade that everything's fine and it's going the exact path they want. I'm kind of grasping at straws with that, but it's what I see.
  10. I hope this doesn't happen...when WoW got this kind of support/publicity/movie thing going the quality of the game tanked. Hard. Could be a precursor of things to come.
  11. Some of you people from back in the day may remember me. I renewed my membership because, if the free trade and wilderness vote passes, I think I'll get enjoyment out of RuneScape again. It's been awhile TIF, but I'm back
  12. Happy birthday Co :D

  13. 1 duo claw split on my 20th kill. 632 more kills with nothing, not even a lump says otherwise. Hey, don't complain, took me 1.3K kills before I got my first pair!
  14. i know the new itemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Well don't keep us in suspense? Wut?
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