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  1. Ah right! got it thanks. So many new things to figure out :eek:
  2. I notice some players have a skill total displayed in game and some have a total. Admittedly, I miss the level 'level' and have no idea how the new system works. but as a start, can you toggle between the skill and level? if so how?
  3. Excellent news! GF Snellmen (sic) :twisted: Ice Barraged and 1-hit KO .... Jagex FTW! LMFAO :thumbsup: #PS# We'll have ur POH as well. +1 for Runefest 2012 there. :mrgreen:
  4. Eh? Wut? Where does it say that? Dang, wasted my pengy points :angry:
  5. Quite the opposite. I doubt people are more inclined to pay a company that stabs them in the back. Stabbed in the back? wtf ru on about? CHEATED and CAUGHT OUT you mean :angry:
  6. +1 :thumbsup: Also, perhaps Jagex ought to recruit a few bot-experts, pay them a shed-load of money for poacher-turned-gamekeeper. It works that way with hackers and virus writers.... Also seems to me that one or two posters here know a suspicious amount about botting....... just thinking out loud :shades:
  7. Deal or no deal? Dear Runescape Adventurer, You are obviously aware of the botting issues which currently plague the game. We here at Jagex are wholly committed to the removal of illegal and immoral ways to 'cheat' the game as are its many loyal and honest players. The re-introduction of the wildy and free trade update not only frustrated our attempts to appease the authorities but upset a great many players who feel that the economy and the spirit of the game went rapidly into decline from that moment. We have therefore taken the decision to reverse our update regarding free trade including the wildy, duel arena and other advantages which can be manipulated by 'botters' and cheaters. With this in mind we ask you to be patient and cooperative. At some point in the future we will reinstall the wilderness and other PVP elements of the game which you enjoy so much, but because we do not have a solution to combat the bot-programs and after reading the comments on the many expert forums, neither do you, this appears to be the most preferable solution at this time. Yours in desperation.... Jagex...
  8. Gawd dang it Jagex.... My credit card expired at the end of September (Friday night) and at about 10:30pm in the middle of the final battle I was disconnected. I tried to log back in and it said I had to be a member to log in on that sever. WTF! :shock: Frantic scramble to find my new card and input the updated details, hoping not to find myself in Edge naked and no grave to retrieve. Fortunately when I logged back , I was at the start point ready to join the battle again...phew! Seriously, that could've ended in tears. I suggest to Jagex, don't let me log in if I haven't paid, but perlease don't do that to me :angry:
  9. re: "if I had to be a noob again" I think personally I got the most out of doing the quests which were available to a noob of my level. One thing I liked about the quests was the fact that they opened up previously unexplored areas of Gielenor and gave me more knowledge of the game. I tried to level to do more quests and consequently I was rewarded with more knowledge and experience. In some cases. like farming for example, I remember reaching level 27 or 29 without ever planting a seed, just by completing all the relevant quests. Crazy to restrict everything to Lumby, you will never see the 'world' and if you need to tele' then get the next magic level, that's the incentive. Anyway, I think if i was hacked or banned, I'd never start again. The thrill of discovery is / was part of the fun. I could never go back. Having said that, the thrill is still there and there are lots of things I've yet to try.
  10. Exactly the same here. I keep trying different browsers, Chrome seems to be the one that eventually gets through. I also clear all caches and relaunch browser and before anyone says, it's not my ISP because I'm logging into other sites like Ebay and Amazon with no trouble. I'm even streaming music. WTF is going on??
  11. Can't log in after game loads, worlds won't come up. Is it me?
  12. world 23 won't connect. connection timed out :( Edit: w60 ftw! I'm in :thumbsup:
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