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  1. Surprised Jagex have not banned Jacmob on RS, Goumaud is his username right?
  2. God stoles require level 60 Prayer to wear. I currently have level 58 prayer. Would I be able to use the monastry/prayer guild's altar to get 60/58 prayer. Would I then be able to wear the stole? Thanks.
  3. Whatever floats your boat. Remeber RuneScape is played for fun so don't do stuff you dislike.
  4. alcohol + hormones + bad decisions = :wall: Don't forget natural stupidity and immiturity ;)
  5. Never trust your sister. :-$ OMG. Finally somebody with sanity =D>
  6. Yes, I've heard about it. You use a headset and a microphone to talk to other players, handy for Castle Wars, PC, and clan wars/pking etc. A lot of clans use TS I believe. Useful instead of PMing because it will take time for the user to find out the message is there, instead they can hear (their eyes are busy on the fight).
  7. Umm, a tank has high def and low atk/str. You have the strength and defence mixed up. I don't want to become a rune pure with ranged. High range + 40 def =useless.
  8. Hey. I'm Hazardmaster. level 108 F2Per. I have made 2 pures in my RS time. My first, Hazard Range, was a range and mage pure (ignore the name lol). I got him 23 defence. Then I amde a new PURE. I was determined to keep him PURE. This pure was 0 0h. 0 0h was a hybrid. I trained him to about 40 Attack, 53 Strength, 1 Defence, 55 Ranged and 50 Mage. Then I got sick of getting owned when training his strength. 0 0H IS STAYING F2P I succumed to the defence yet again. He turned to a rune pure. Then I stopped again, coincidentally, at 23 Defence. I was going to make him a rune pure, then I was training his strength 1 day, thinking about it. I met a tank. Yes, he sucked me into the tanking world and have now planned to become a tank. A day or two has passed sicne I met him: so my stats are: 40 Attack 54 HP 55 Strength 31 Defence 57 Ranged 50 Magic 52 Combat So these are the stats I have as I begin this blog. I have no goals as of yet, but I do expect to get about 70 or 80+ Ranged, 60+ or so defence, and maybe 59 Magic. I wish to keep my Attack and Strength at their current levels and just train Defence. Feel free to add me "0 0h" with zeros and we could train together. I am training ranged at barbarian village bar, minotaurs, guards on Varrock Castle roof, lesser demons, and defence on minotaurs/flesh crawlers. Any donations of runes, arrows (preferrably iron), and food would be appreciated, but I'm not here to freeload off you guys like Donald Trump's wife. I am here to write a blog! Day 1 Ummm...I'll write when the day is over :P PS: If any of you guys have tips on where to train, what equipment and styles to use, good uncommon safespots etc then please do tell me. Also, I am debating if I should do Dragon Slayer and what quests I should do to get the QP to start it. I'd prefer NOT to do which require non-combat related skills to keep my combat skills the only ones. I already have level 7 fishing from Evil Bob's dumb ScapeRune however, and I will get the non-combat skills up for the quests if nessecary. PLEASE, VOICE YOUR OPINION ON THIS! Personally I would like a blurite sword and green dragonhide body, but is it worth it?
  9. No offence, but I knew all of this and I'm sure that most people know a lot of these.
  10. It's more than fair, even though I'm F2P for life. No cash as I'm 12 lol. Parents say no no
  11. My team and I usually lure 80s, 90s, and 100s. Rarely 110+. I lure with a level 108. What do you mean other players: the people we kill or our teammates. I believe I have explained this, or at least part of it, in my guide. It is hard to find a good team, I don't really remember how got mine. I believe my friend constantly lured so I came along one day and joined the 'regulars'. Finding a good team can takes weeks or months, i don't know. Sort of depends if you're a PKer and have connections. A good team is a team which listens, obeys, and they have the sense no to run off after 60s...
  12. There's not enough people interested in this. By the way I don't think many people would want to be the bad guys aka orcs. So maybe we should just have Gondor VS Rohan? And maybe a high leveled player to be a leader for each like Aragorn for Gondor and.....someone for Rohan? By the way be should probably want to line up all the warriors like at the Battle of Pelennor Fields. If you don't know what that was, it is in Peter Jackson's Return of the King movie where the orcs beseige the white city Minas Tirith. Anyway, here's a pic of what I mean: But since there are no horses to ride in RuneScape, we are going to be unmounted (on foot). But basically the pic shows you to line up like that.
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