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  1. AS they've said, it's an alternative form of communication. Keeps your hands free.
  2. Does anyone use teamspeak to talk to other players online?
  3. some guy was annoying me so i told him to press alt+F4, I got banned for item scamming. I'm still banned. Oh well.
  4. the original login screen music (scape original)
  5. West of the Uzer magic carpet. :) just found it, thanks
  6. outside? there's bears outside!!
  7. I fins stab attacks work better vs drags for some reason. I always fight them with my dd+, don't tell anyone though, it's a secret :-$
  8. Thats where I need t obe. I've done watchtower quest but I cant seem to be able to use the caves again. Any other way of getting there? (I feel really stupid for not being able to figure this out)
  9. I think he means making them at no cost and getting xp for it.
  10. :roll: how is this silly? I thought it was cool that I had every book back again
  11. search the bookshelves in your new house ;)
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