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  1. Thanks, and yeah my texture is iffy, I sort of just slapped it on because I was running out of time. I might make a tank then, or something with tank tracks anyway, just to test out how to make them.
  2. Some bigger views: And the original model before all the fiddling to make it game engine friendly:
  3. I can but we have to use realtime shaders (which is what the Xoliul shader is) and it doesn't have a slot for opacity maps you have to use the alpha channel on the diffuse texture but I had no idea how to do that. And thanks Kingjoe, I used 3D Studio Max.
  4. Not posted on here in absolutely ages but I'm bored and just finished my first year at university last week, and now have like 5 months of doing nothing, so thought I might post some work that I did. It's not the best since I left it until the last minute and it was my first time using certain things, also couldn't get the opacity on the window to work so it's not translucent like it should be. What do y'all think? (Ignore the technical stuff, that's only on there because this is just the picture from my thread on the university forum.) Might make some Runescape stuff over the holidays even though I don't play any more, any ideas what I could model (doubt I could do anything like a monster yet so mainly weapons or armour). Thanks.
  5. I haven't been on this forum for like 3 years, but I had an urge to check the Gallery today and I'm glad I did, your pixel work always has and always will amaze me, good job.
  6. Good job 10/10 and yes my Dalmation is awesome, it's at 20% now as well. 8-)
  7. Because FC and 100% is different, 100% you can overstrum as much as you want, you could complete a song without ever getting a 2x multiplier but still 100% it. FC is when you hit every single note AND don't break your combo, so you have 4x multiplier all the way through (except for at the beginning obviously.) I'm happy because I finally 5 starred Six on GH2 which means all songs on hard GH2 finally 5 starred.
  8. You do realise those are song lyrics, from the song sweet child o' mine by Guns N' Roses. I think he was joking by the way, not that it was very funny.
  9. I think you'd notice if you'd turned into a zombie to be honest, probably by the fact that you would feel completely different. Think about it, when you feel sick you can tell, you'd definitely know about if not only for the fact you are suddenly unable to walk no quicker than 2 steps a minute.
  10. This, Armageddon and Deep Impact, but Green Mile is the only one that if I watched now I'd still find sad.
  11. They weren't booing because she was dead..they were booing because they were gonna have to wait twice as long to get to their destination, they didn't know someone had died..
  12. Can't wait, I finish early on Fridays so I'm going into town and me and my mate are getting Mario Galaxy, going home and playing all night lol.
  13. Loads of people still make them, pm me what you want and I might consider it.
  14. Yeah it hasn't gotten a review below 90% yet and the second lowest score is 95%, even Gamespot gave it 9.5 and they seem to hate the Wii. It's going to be pretty damn awesome.
  15. They are the only exclusives you pleb, and the Outfit got average scores of about 7/10, that's an awesome exclusive to have. :roll: I'm just gonna go against everyone and say get a PS3, I have a Wii and they are awesome but if I was buying another console it'd be a PS3. Here are some reasons. 1. You can get one for about the same price as a 360 now, they are 300 pounds in the uk and a 360 is 250, but you have to pay 40 pounds for X-Box live so really it's 10 pounds more for a PS3. 2. The graphics are better. Ok so it's a tiny difference but hey it's still better. 3. They don't break as easily as the 360, no red-rings of death. 4. Better exclusives if you ask me. Haze, Killzone 2, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid 4. Thos 4 games alone make it a better purchase than 360 IMO. So yeah get a PS3 instead.
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