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  1. I found this really funny superbowl video on google and wanted to know if you guys have seen it and if so what do you think? The video is called "How to properly watch the superbowl" and it was made by these 3 kids, but its still really funny. heres the link: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 5106726926 I think the part about the cheerleaders is the funniest.(you will see what I mean when you watch it)
  2. i dont think u understand what the idea was, u can turn the chat fiter on once u r in trade so that u can talk to the person u r trading with. not while u r out of trade, that wouldnt make sence.
  3. all they would need to do is make it like the "friends" filter but instead of looking at the friends list to see who to filter and who not to, they will look at the person who u r trading with. it wouldnt be that hard to implement for Jagex.
  4. i like this idea, cuz i hav had a lot of problems trying to trade with people in world 1 varrock. so i would defenatly like to see this update :D
  5. ok the problem is that on f2p the ad on the top of the page refreshes and a new one comes up. when this refresh happens the rs applet looses its focus and u r typing into the window so when u press backspace it acts like the bak button
  6. its an interesting sig but its too big for these forums, althought i like the saying in it. 7.5/10 :D
  7. i havnt heard that opinion too much, it is an interesting thing tho, the reason it was started was so that people dont have to work their whole lives, and if we make it an individual thing then everyone will be responsible for their own retirement and we know that a lot of people wont be able to invest into the right things and will loose some money and be forced to work their whole lives. This is not a very good things unless there is some support for it like maybe if social security was made on a volentary basis(i am sure it wont work too well) but its posible.
  8. when i said defecit i didnt mean the national defecit i ment the social security defecit the system does need to be fixed and in the article it shows a very simple way to do it without making people invest into things. Right now we pay about 12.4% of our income to social security half the employer and haft the employee. if this percent was raised by a little bit like, i believe it said, 3.8% more there should be a increase in the income sufficient enough to allow our generation to retire. you are right there is a problem but its not as big as Bush makes it out to be, he just wants people to look away from the war in Iraq, he wants our attention somewhere else.
  9. i totaly agree with u, there is too much of a risk, i also would like to know that its a sure thing that i will get the money i need when i retire. also i think it was this article but i am not sure, the social security account(if u will) is not part of the general budget and has its own income from the taxes. now this income is more then what is beeing used, so it makes it save up money, now the problem is that that extra money is being used by other agencies as general funding and those agencies say they will pay it bak so i think u can see there is a big problem just right there P.S. i like ur sig quote very interesting
  10. i havnt fished large amounts of salmon but i dont think the ration is set to ur lvl i think maybe it was just a coincidence. I dont know u would need some more fishing ppl to test it
  11. ya i didnt think it was a big deal, i can do it and i learned quite a while ago. Havnt been on a bike in a really long time aswell
  12. I dont know if anyone else posted something about this, i am sry if they did and i didnt see it. However i did find this interesting article, http://www.factcheck.org/article302.html it talks about what Bush has been telling us all and how there is going to be a huge defecit of something like $11 trillion. What he forgot to mention is that this is an estimate and that this is a very misleading number because the bulk of this defecit is supposed to accur sometime after the year 2078 and by then there will be plenty of time to do something about it if we really need to. The other thing he forgets to mention is that this $11 trillion defecit is something like 3.8% of the projected income into Social Security anyway i want to hear ur thoughts about this and why you think that Bush might be saying this.
  13. in photoshop theres an option under file to save for web, choose that and then a window comes up ans u can pick what kind of format u want to use.
  14. hell1234


    i like them i dont know if other ppl do but i thought the 2nd one was pretty funny :D
  15. But... they already have carpentry.... it's called crafting. And the whole farming thing isn't that great of an idea. I mean come on, why farm something when you can just go to lumbrige and get it for free? well sry to spoil your bash of farming but it is(100% sure) the next skill, but this topic is more about what the comunity wants/thinks the skill after that is.
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