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  1. Back when TU existed it was more based on fun and community. There was pking but not revolved around it. Now i have no idea, its been 2 years since ive played RS or delt with clans.
  2. Y not make it 'The' Alliance & TMRD Vs. Corr., Excertium, MK, ZF, & TRWF. Cuz thats possibly the only way they can fight you somewhat fairly? Unless ofcourse Corr & Excertium have conflicts with MK, ZF, or TRWF.
  3. Nice phrase in ur sig PulmShell and ur right. Livin will probablly post something in a few days
  4. WEll now that RSD is gone DI is #1 and 'The' is second... Would they really fight for the #1 spot?
  5. DI was never really great friends with RSD but your right. I doubt DI wanted RsD gone.
  6. Farewell RSD! Surely Livin will be known as Leader of RSD Greatest clan. In RS History. :(
  7. Very nice. BTW Craven He could have just proofread the story. Cuz many ppl do that.
  8. When your typing sometimes you hit like Spacebar and it either goes back or closes the windeo. I know if you click outside the runescape playing area and hit backspace it goes back but i had just clicked inside the rs screen and hit space bar then my window closed. I dont think its a virus on my computer because both of my computers did it and they arnt networked. Im kinda worried because what if Im fighting and i type something and the window closes? Anyone know whats the problem? TY
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