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  1. I had problems finding the log out, i asked a friend after i was about to wait 60sec for log out :wall: :oops:
  2. I went down fight only food, didnt come further than the 4th or 5th room as its multi cb area and much monsters hitted me much, this was on my pure with 1 def so i dont know if they hit as hard on other too
  3. Would you be offended in my situation?: Yes Would you have repaired my grave?: Yes Has repairing graves become something that people "should" do?: Yes I died at greens dragons while ranging and i was looking on tif, as soon as i checked back i died by a 47... Lucky i came back just in time(11seconds) and got my stuff, there were 2 people who could have repaired it-just out of lazyness while it takes only 5 seconds and some pray points to help some one save his stuff
  4. rofl, they got body guards Well,well Lets make clans to kill them...
  5. Lol, but serious-I dont think its that one-its been there forever
  6. Doritos nacho cheese! \ 8-) Eating them atm anyways
  7. I think half of the players couldent yesterday and the other half today, im today :?
  8. Sorry, new update made even LUCK untradable :( , stupid jagex... anyways nice boots gl, on getting more
  9. That made me lol irl Anyways nice bank :o 8/10, maybe sell 1 mask and get something else, double rares look so...
  10. Actually you wouldnt. with 1 attack you wouldn rarely hit someone with even 10 defence and black armor. You would most likely be too busy eating because any other level 28 can hit 10's straight off the bat, if trained in the right way . it would be a cool character to own, but a sucky character as well. I had a wine pure with rune 2hander at level 13, i died alot due to me being level 13 with 12 hp, imagine being level 28 with 10 hp than going up against a level 25 with stats of 25 25 25 25. Max hit with 1 attack and 99 str is only 18 i believe. Mage pures can hit 10 under 20 combat... Anyways this would require so much time, its just impossible..
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