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  1. I'm better than him ^ ok, I'll stop now lol
  2. ^He can't translate latin to it's literal meaning, I think therefore I am. Numptey boy!
  3. I'm currently 40mil down due to a santa miscalculation... I've given up watching the GE. Just gonna wait until next christmas before I even log back in.
  4. rule 10 has been removed ;) Also that screen has changed, never used to have the swords in it either side of where you write in the offence.
  5. I used dharoks and protected from mage, dharoks gives good melee and range def also you thwack in with some good hits. Just pot up and go nuts, that's how I did it.
  6. Don't invest in santas a week before christmas... Well do but take your winnings after you made 4mil 'cause I'm now about 15mil down. Silly santa crashes just before christmas, how is that logical?!
  7. it's was stated by jagex that the kalphite queen does not pray, but has immunity against those attacks. in the first form the shell bounces off any magic or ranging equipment and while flying, melee atacks can't hit her however these are not perfect, and work not all the time. you might hit the second form without veracs, but it is rare OT: I'm not exactly sure what to believe now...both theories have good and checked backgrounds :wall: the the mention about the curved edges is very obserbant of you.normally i see those kinds of thing, uhg Nah KQ just has massive defence, with a godsword you still smash her in either form. If you talk to the wise old man either in game or read one of his replies in the postbag then you'll realise that he states that she does use prayer. And seeing as he's both WISE and OLD, I'd say he's got it right. I would find it but I've quit so I can't be bothered to when it comes down to it.
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