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  1. High stats, high prayer. 10/10 But you could work on herb... :wink:
  2. Lol :P I'll try. The sad part is...I've bought those masks when they still were 19M Can post trade pics if you want
  3. Hello. I' bitinas007...been playing RS for more that 3 years and now decided to post my bank and stats... Blah! Don't what more I should say, I usually play about 5 hours a week... I'm just trying to have fun in this crappy game : Bank Rest is junk for about ~4m. Cannon etc. BoB Stats :? Rate ../10 :-s
  4. Stop waining that you can't steal drops and get a life I've been dk with him a long time ago... oddly he didn't get anything, or did he?
  5. Just a question, how can I get my pendent back :(
  6. Hello, I'm bitinasa and I'll be going for Jad today... I've tried it before, but it was a failure. So I need advice on what to take and what my setup should be. My invent: sara brews (4)-7, range potions (4)-2, holy wrench, bolt pouch, guthan legs, body and spear.(wearing initiate legs) Rest-super restores. Please comment and advice :-s Outfit: g helm, guthix stole, ava's accumulator, ruby bolts(e), cbow, guthix book and dragon boots.
  7. total dragons killed:~214 Visage drops:1 Black dragons killed:5 Visage drops:1 Iron dragons killed:130 Visage drops:0 Steel dragons killed: 60 Visage drops:0 Skeletal wyverns killed:0 Visage drops: 0 KBDs killed:19 Visage drops: 0
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