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  1. I think that I don't really have a right to form an opinion about who is right and who is wrong in this subject, and pretty much neither does anyone else here. The information is just too sparse and one sided, and I haven't read much of it yet. I will say that it seems that the responsibility for these 9 deaths should lie in those directly responsible and not in Israel as a whole or in the government. How about healthcare reform, and preventing another great depression. Argue all you want, the old healthcare system isn't sustainable in the long run, and doesn't work for people who can't afford insurance at all. And we WOULD be in a massive depression if banks hadn't been bailed out. Obama took a massive risk by doing that, and we will be paying the price for years to come thanks to the debt, but it beats the alternative.
  2. I was emptying my costume room in my POH so that I could rebuild the whole house. While I was at it, I decided to organize and screenshot my bank for personal records (and mostly to show off). This is a picture of everything I own, I had to make about 100 extra spaces for the costume room, so all armor is boxed. boxed sets are: Green d'hide x5, black d'hide x6, Rune armor x6, dragon chain armor, mystic robes x3, dark mystic, light mystic, splitbark, ahrim's, dharok's, guthan's, karil's, verac's, spined, rock-shell, skeletal, cannon, dagon'hai, elite black x2. Brawling gloves are: prayer x2, agility, ranging x2, smithing, hunter x3, woodcutting, fishing, firemaking, magic, mining x2
  3. Its only +10% xp, not double, just fyi. I am actually not sure they don't stack with slayer helm, it hasn't been proven either way. Anyway, I own a pair and yes, they do give the exp if you only wear them for the last hit. It's up to you if you still think they're worth it. I don't really like them but its only 200 fog tokens so who cares?
  4. Oh i'm sure it works, just not enough to make up for your extra max hit +1 from the zerker ring. In other words it makes your chance of a whip 1 in 495 instead of 1 in 500. This has been sorta proven but I don't really understand it. Then again, it's up to you.
  5. Looks good to me. Zerker ring maybe?
  6. btw, here's a trick for granite lobsters. Take a chisel and 5 kg blocks instead of 500g. use the ogre place summoning obelisk, and trade in the pouches right there. You can get almost 10x more exp per trip that way and its slightly faster than using kyatts. By the way, don't even CONSIDER wasting any color charm, even green. You waste too much time and money replacing the exp from the green charms with crimsons for it to be worth it.
  7. 1. Idk, purple elegant? 2. Fletching unless you want Carpal tunnel syndrome :? 3. Yes. just yes.
  8. Why would you even consider not using the non-crimson charms. It is by far more efficient and cheaper to use even your green charms than to burst for more crimsons. I recommend making golds into barker toads (if you want to break even, go for tortoises), greens into unicorn pouches(make sure you turn those to scrolls), and blues into geyser titans, although you could do earth titans (scroll them) instead to save money there.
  9. That method is definitely still nerfed. Now you only get the exp for the first beacon when you continually light them. Niperwiper posted about it on another fansite today. proof: http://www.truthscape.com/forum/viewtop ... 592#p98592
  10. D claws > 3a :D You might find someone willing to bh you 20 mil for it. *wink* 8/10
  11. Like the 15m I just spent on summoning? :thumbsup: Na more like prayer and other skills that DRAIN your cash down to 1m ;) Prayer "only" costs like 100m to get 99 in now, with dragon bones, so not down to 1m at least:p I wonder how far my 2 prayer brawling gloves will get me :D
  12. Agreed. Also, from what it sounds like, this bank was BEFORE you got 88 summoning, so we don't even really know what's left or how much you sold since then. I never understood why people hoard piles of items and gold and never do anything with it. But maybe you have plans for it ;) Good luck and congratulations on 88 summoning :) But put that gp and items to good use. Thanks. I'm such a DIYer though :wall:
  13. Trying to get those as a drop (that was my main reason for getting 88 summoning) Like the 15m I just spent on summoning? :thumbsup:
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