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  1. very nice thieving shouldn't be bad at all.. It's fast as all can be doing PP. GL
  2. Training agility i was called an autoer by some folks bc I was running like a madman... Well I'm using pies on gnome course and don't want to waste pie halves.. I talk to folks though unlike some chaps there.. are there still autoers at greens?!
  3. I play on a desktop i built myself. I need to upgrade a lil. I built it mainly for photo editting( I shoot a lot of pics this isn't RS related)
  4. well back in classic i always thought fishing or cooking would be my 1st 99 but after RS2 came out I really liked how useful range was. so i decided to knock that out i got it in like 2months or so lol. i gained only 2 fishing levels since classic lol
  5. grats i'm a big fan of def. i'm ranked like 1100 overall. gl with your future goals
  6. lol i remember i found some iron down in lumby and i thought i was the best player out there. I killed wizards for runes and bought a mith dagger which i thought was the best weapon ever untill i was given a 2h by a pker.
  7. it's funny how when people see a bug some are dumb enough to abuse it when they know what will happen.... geez
  8. i agree with you on that point. why waste time on a 2nd char when you can put all your time into one and have one nice acct instead of 2 subpar accts
  9. nice we have similar melee stats Gl with future goals
  10. i'm actually glad that they did this. I was tired of saying sucks and having it censored
  11. back in classic when i fished 2k lob certs to get a party hat. I bought a red then and shortly after bought white, green and yellow
  12. I've only had one 99 party and that was for my first 99 range way way back and that was because i raced a friend and she thought it would be a good idea since i beat her. after that i never had one but people gave grats once they figured out what had happened lol
  13. our total level is about the same as well as cbt level but all my stats are 80+ except 3 grats gl with your future goals
  14. I wouldn't say it's overrated. I know a lot of people like to play thier game and i like to play mine. Before summoning came out i was 116 with over 2k total which was a lot better than most people that were higher cbt than me. It all goes with what you want to do with the game. Personally i like total level. Having highish skills allows me to be more independant in the game.
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