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  1. I used to post full bank pics but most of it has been liquidated Heres my rares and stats
  2. Saradomin is the god of good But good isnt nice and zamorak told noobs about what saradomin had done(eg whiping out the zaros) and turned the people against him. saradomin stopped communicating with the people because to do whats right you have to have rules to protect people. Its against the law to ride a bike without a helmet and a parent letting their child ride without a helmet because it "looks stupid" isnt nice of them, its completely stupid and endangering their lives. Osama bin ladin is the worlds no.1 wanted man for killing 5000 americans which is a absolutly horrible thing. yet america with a single bomb killed 140,000 japanese im guessing mostly civilians in under a second. yet america is the "just and fair" country. you cant jude someone based on what they may of may not of done on that basis alone. since the trade restrictions i havent seen a single n00b saying they got hacked what would you rather. thinking god created the world or charles darwins proscess of natural selection. Blacks were seen as an inferior race and they were taken as slaves by white men. And dont forget that the jews were considered inferior by the nazis and we all know how that turned out.
  3. ...is the stone here? ...was the stone here? ...will the stone be here? ...would It's talking about the were abouts of the stone in past present and future tences with the Our theory of artifcial origins has been vindicated! We have discovered a sturdy door, The vindicated is means V indicated or shown below
  4. Another thing about the ancient caverns and the barbarian training teaches you to die a glorious death fighting mithril dragons using barbarian equipment Wielding a hasta and using an inventatory of barbarian mixes and wearing your best helmet run in and stand: (NO antifire shield) The threee miths tag team you and you can fight them without taking much damage. If a dragon uses firebreath then you immediatly swap to the dragon next to it without the fire damaging. you fight the second dragon untill it also uses its breath. this usally goes on untill all 3 dragons are on low hp. when the first dragon uses breath and the second and thirds first attack is also firebreath you take damage from the breath and all three hit at exactly the same time dealing a huge 1 hit KO. Its really awsome when it happens. Its a bit hard to explain but when i get a chance ill make a vid of it. The prosess is basically identical to that of the dragon forge (you need to firebolt each dragon head one after the other and they come to the center facing the orb) so its definatly related
  5. Sara GWD just got a bit more difficult. Again, Zilyana's AI was changed to apparently keep that part of the dungeon from being "too easy". Question is, what does this mean for both monster hunters and the economy? I'm sure someone will figure out how to outsmart her new AI, but I also can see SGS and SS rising, at least for now. :? Your thoughts on this blow to the GWD? They changed it back to how it was when gwd came out. It was to hard so they made it easier so more people would go. now that more people go they've changed it back its pretty much the same except she dosent have auto retaliate on and hits back when you shoot her
  6. Today i finished my barbarian traning which also includes getting every one of the ancient pages. This is from the knowladge base's description. The reward from completing your training is to become a barbarian spirit. Which means when you die you are sent to a completely diffrent section of the cavern and are unable to see your body and wander aimless'ly. Im to angry at to explain anymore.
  7. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LUCK. YOU HAVENT GOTTEN ANY GOOD DROPS BECAUSE IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LUCK ITS BECAUSE GOOD DROPS ARE RARE. If you only kill a monster for money and your only goal are good drop then you will always fail and lose intrest only telling people how bad is and that its unfair. I am showing the way in which an adventutre's goes about runescape as opposed to "moster hunters" Mith dragons are a good example. [hide=]My goal when going to kill monsters goal is to kill the most possible in a single trip. This was from one attempt which was the best i had done so far (counted by charms) Three days later been able to do even more per tirp. to kill more i also had to sacrafise a safe excape method and reily on homeport and i also gave up my wealth ring for an archers to get more kills. you can see clear diffrence between the harms and drops (mix's sharks and supplies eaten there and arrows knifes and some others not taken The results can only get better and always leave room to improve which is the adventure part of runescape. After the three days of forcusing on more kills per trip youve killed an average of 40 dragons per run and the adeventure component of finding the best method to kill more per trip having fun do up to 10+ trips a day and the acomplishment of killing more per trip (the diffrence between those two pictures above) is a total of 1,200 dragons slain. a player searcing only for good drops killing 40 a trip 10 trips a day for 3 days with no luck has 1,200 failures and been disapointed since one of 1,200 times a monster dies. While the other player has had fun and is proud of the new method.[/hide]
  8. THERE. What more proof could you need. unless its a conspiriasy and the ring of forging duel rings recoils and stones dont work either then thats pretty good proof
  9. Hmm Does runescape get in the way of your hygiene More like hygiene gets in the way of my runescape!
  10. Hmm Does runescape get in the way of your hygiene More like hygiene gets in the way of my runescape!
  11. What a horrible first thread
  12. Ring of wealth works. It increaces the CHANCE of getting a rare drop. Its dosent give them out to anyone that wears one. Explain how its possible to get these three in under an hour. I can almost gaurntee that its a once in a runescape occurance [hide=] [/hide] I also found these old logs on my computer today. Almost all the logged kills were solos KBD [hide=]addy axe rune bolts airs laws addy bar airs rune long rune bolts str ammy rune limbs rune long nothing yews fires bloods bloods addy bar rune long deaths rune long fire runes yews fire runes bloods yews yews iron arrow airs rune limb rune bolts irons bolts addy axe irons sharks airs yews addy axe coins airs str ammy rune kite rune bolts bloods airs deaths airs yews fires rune long fire rune str ammy rune long air runes rune long bloods air runes addy plate coins addy axe deaths rune bolts bloods fire runes yews airs yews rune long airs fires str ammy rune long addy plate rune long yews yews bloods bloods rune bolts str ammy bloods str ammy fires airs laws rune long rune bolts str ammy airs bloods yews limbs half key yews addy plate air runes fire rune rune long rune long rune long rune long str ammy str ammy yews yews yews yews saphire diamonds iron arrow iron arrow iron arrow iron arrow\ iron arrow bloods bloods bloods bloods airs airs str ammy rune bolts rune bolts rune long rune long addy plate rune darts blood blood airs airs iron arrow yews yews rune long rune long rune long rune long rune long rune long rune long rune long bloods bloods bloods bloods fires fires fires airs airs airs airs addy bar addy bar addy plate addy plate addy plate addy plate addy plate str ammy str ammy str ammy yews iron ore iron ore iron ore iron ore deaths deaths deaths yews yews rune bolt rune bolt rune bolt rune bolt rune axe coins coins coins coins diamond diamond saphire yews yews half key half key half key half key mith battle shark shark rune bar rune bar rune bolts silver ore iron arrow iron arow iron arrow iron arrow iron arrow rune axe iron arrow rune limbs rune limbs rune limbs pearl pearl pearl pearl LEFT HALF SHIELD rune long bloods pearls addy plate rune bolts rune long airs yews rune bolts laws rune bolts bloods yews rune long addy plate bloods deaths rune long iron arrows emerald fires rune bolts fires airs DRAGON MEDIUM HELMET rune long rune bolts rune bar rune long iron arrows bloods iron arrows air runes death runes str ammy bloods airs rune long rune bolts rune bolts rune long yews fires bloods sharks rune bolts fires rune bolts yews str ammy irons bloods coins fires rune long rune long rune bolts rune bolts airs airs airs fires yews yews yews str ammy bloods str ammy rune long yews sharks airs airs fires str ammy fires bloods deaths bloods ruby deaths addy plate sharks diamond sharks ruby bloods str ammy nothing coins rune axe yews iron arrows bloods pearls airs fires iron arrows saphire iron arrows rune bolts saphire DRAGON MEDIUM HELMET fires deaths KBD HEADS rune long rune long iron arrows deaths fires deaths bloods fires iron arrows rune long iron arrows air runes rune limbs DRAGON MEDIUM HELMET addy axe yews sharks fires rune long fires rune bolts iron arrow bloods rune bolts rune bolts addy plate str ammy rune bolts str ammy str ammy mith battle axe rune limbs rune long str ammy mith battle axe coins rune long fire runes air runes fire runes addy plate addy axe law runes rune sq shield rune limbs rune full helm fires law runes airs str ammy addy bar rune bolts rune long iron arrow air runes yews fires bloods str ammy iron arrows DRAGON MEDIUM HELMET fires fires addy bar addy plate rune limbs str ammy fires airs yews str ammy fires yes nothing str ammy addy plate emerald saphire yews nothing fires iron ore rune long bloods iron arrows tooth half pearls bloods airs loop half bloods fires yews irons[/hide] KQ [hide=]Nats rune axe nats nats zammy wines fires bloods power ammy fires bloods zammy wines zammy wines bloods chaos tally laws fires nats teeth key zammy wines rune chain fires rune chain nats rune axe nats addy spear zammy wines loop key zammy wines bloods coins rune axe bloods rune warhammer zammy wines rune axe nats nats nats rune chain laws deaths power ammy rune chain ruby bloods rune chain zammy wines nats loop key bloods zammy wines bloods addy spear mith arrows laws bloods rune axe rune axe nats wines wines addy spear rune chain laws bloods DRAGON CHAINBODY - 7/6/07 rune chain bloods fires laws wines nats nats r2h power ammy blood runes dragonstone bloods laws bloods lobsters nats nats fires laws zammy wines coins rune chain zammy wines rune chain bloods bloods rune chain bloods nats fires lobbies miths bloods bloods fires nats bloods wines nats addy spear nats bloods zammy wines bloods DRAGON TWO HANDED SWORD power ammy zammy wines zammy wines addy spear rune axe bloods zammy wines bloods fires laws rune chain addy spear zammy wines nats nats fires rune arrows bloods rune arrows nats nats addy spear nats zammy wines rune chain mith arrow bloods mith arrow rune chain rune axe nats nats rune warhammer rune chain addy spear rune axe bloods mith arrows power ammy lobbies laws fires zammy wines power ammy nats' silver ore nats mith arrows wines nats fires power ammy rune chain nothing zammy wines bloods zammy wines mith arrows zammy wines nothing bloods deaths fires + kq head rune arrows nat nat saphire rune sq bloods nats bloods addy spear nats bloods nats nats DRAGON CHAINBODY - 21/6/07 nats wines rune warhammer bloods bloods nats nats zammy wines fires bloods nats DRAGON CHAINBODY - 24/6/07 nats nats bloods nothing nothing rune chain rune warhammer bloods fires fires nats nothing addy spear power ammy mith arrows bloods nats nats nothing power ammy bloods lobbies zammy wines addy spear fires DRAGON CHAINBODY - 6/7/07? bloods zammy wines coins bloods nats bloods addy spear mith arrows coins nats rune chain zammy wines bloods nats rune warhammer laws nats addy spear bloods lobbies fires bloods rune chain zammy wines nats nats rune kite rune chain mith arrows addy spear bloods nats half key addy spear bloods bloods coins rune chain DRAGON TWO HANDED SWORD rune chain blood runes rune arrow lobs bloods power ammy rune bar zammy wines laws rune warhammer bloods rune axe nats nats nats bloods nothing power ammy rune chain mith arrows nats laws nats NEW PRAYERS COME OUT ABOUT HERE IN LOG Almost all these kills are solo bloods bloods wines nats nothing rune chain bloods addy spear addy spear nats nats nats bloods rune chain nats DRAGON CHAINBODY - 26/7/07 laws rune axe mith arrows DRAGON TWO HANDED SWORD - 26/7/07 rune bar addy spear fire runes addy spear rune axe mith arrows nats bloods rune battle addy spear fires rune warhammer bloods mith arrows fires lava staff fires addy spear bloods nats deaths addy spear nats power ammy nats nats rune chain bloods fires nats bloods nats addy spear nats nats rune warhammer nats coins fires zammy wines mith arrows bloods laws mith arrows bloods lobbies lobbies mith arrows rune chain mith arrows rune axe miths rune chain zammy wines laws nats fires zammy wines zammy wines power ammy rune chain fires zammy wines rune axe bloods power ammy fires laws wines deaths nats mith arrows coins nothing teeth half power ammy lobbies deaths bloods rune warhammer deaths bloods fires laws coins addy spear zammy wines deaths nats loop half zammy wines + kq head fires nats rune chain lava staff nothing bloods nothing nats wines nothing nats bloods zammy wines zammy wines nats miths nats wines rune chain bloods wines nats fires nats fires coins addy spear zammy wines fires mith arrows fires zammy wines zammy wines addy spear nats wines nats rune bar laws rune warhammer addy spear fires bloods bloods coins power ammy power ammy wines nats power ammy lobbies nats nats bloods wines fires bloods fires addy spear nats lobbies rune arrows rune chain fires nats rune chain bloods addy spear bloods bloods fires bloods addy spear nats bloods laws power ammy rune chain rune chain nats nats power ammy nats bloods bloods wines rune chain coins fires mith arrows laws nats rune warhammer laws nats bloods wines laws nats bloods rune axe fires addy spear fires wines fires bloods laws bloods deaths fires rune chain addy spear bloods DRAGON TWO HANDED SWORD - 3/8/07 mith arrows rune 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nats lobs nats bloods bloods lobs wines nats power ammy bloods nats wines nats rune chain tooth half nats miths addy spear bloods laws miths nats rune arrows miths miths lobs DRAGON TWO HANDED SWORD addy spear miths miths rune axe fires nats power ammy pearls nats miths rune chain bloods bloods power ammy nats miths nats fires power ammy bloods bloods fires bloods wines laws nats laws nats bloods miths tooth half nats nats nats nats pearls power ammy power ammy rune warhammer power ammy' loop half pearls bloods miths bloods miths lobs wines bloods nats rune arrows fires wines fires fires bloods addy spear nats nats chaos tally nats fires fires fires bloods bloods power ammy DRAGON CHAINBODY 20/8/07 addy spear bloods fires wines nats bloods bloods' rune chain rune chain nats deaths power ammy miths lava battlestaff fires bloods nats addy spear fires deaths bloods bloods miths rune chain rune chain rune axe laws bloods rune bar nats chaos tally rune chain rune chain fires mith arrows wines lava staff addy spear laws bloods wines addy spear laws nats lobbies nats rune chain bloods [/hide] Chaos ele [hide=]2 baby d bones 50 bloods d bones 5 tuna 2 strange fruit 1 dose atk 5 tune DRAGON TWO HANDED SWORD weap poison 1 dose atk 2 baby bones 100 chaos tuna iron arrows weap poison 5 bones iron arrow 3 big bone tuna chaos str pot coins coin 3 pizza tuna 2 fruit airs baby bones pizza 2 fruit irons 4 big bones 2 fruit tuna mith dart 3 big bones bones atk pot fruit deaths bones coins coins atk pot bones chaos chaos atk pot DRAGON TWO HANDED SWORD 5 bat bones air runes 5 bones coins atk pot coins str pot coins str pot coins dragon bone tooth half bat bones death runes dragon bone air runes bones airs pizzas irons pizzas rune arrow atk pot str pot bones *kill stolen by pkers* dragon bone weap poison coins dragon bone chaos runes babydragon bones strange fruit babydragon bones weapon poison def pot plain pizzas 3 herbs def pot strange fruit airs bones 3 herbs def pot airs tuna baby bones strange fruit mith dart baby bones baby bones rune arrows mith dart baby bones mith dart str pot mith dart strange fruit mith dart pizzas coins dragon bones mith dart str pot airs atk pot airs DRAGON TWO HANDED SWORD bat bones coins baby bones coins baby bones chaos chaos str pot bat bones fruit airs def pot rune arrows def pot pizzas strange fruit rune arrows bat bones pizzas coin deaths bat bones def pot fruit pizzas fruit pizzas fruit tuna coins strange fruit pizzas irons bat bones baby bones chaos baby bones anti poison str pot bat bones coins bones mith dart dragon bones rune arrows coins atk pot chaos runes def pot iron arrows bloods def pot rune arrow bat bones DRAGON TWO HANDED SWORD weaphon poison bones coins tuna dragon bone weap poison baby bones big bones weap poison attack pot anti deaths bat bones baby bones iron arrows tuna irobs def pot rune arrows coins dragon bones baby bones blood runes def pot def pot iron arrows str pot air runes death runes dragon bones bat bones anti anti def pot rune arrow baby bones' 3 herbs bones herb def pot def pot baby bones bat bones anti pizzas air runes airs baby bones tooth half baby bones big bones airs airs baby bones big bones air runes coins bones str pot iron arrows rune arrows atk pot dragon bones blood runes chaos runes dragon bone baby bones strange fruit coins iron arrows tuna weapon poison tuna blood runes pizzas coins big bones death runes iron arrows atk pot iron arrows def pot iron arrow dragon bones blood runes def pot rune arrows pizza iron arrow big bones blood runes big bones iron arrows str pot coins pizzas coins atk pot iron arrows big bones rune arrows blood runes str pot coins dragon bones atk pot weapon poison tuna chaos runes dragon bones 3 herbs bat bones big bones airs weap pison big bones anti bat bones bloods atk pot coins baby bones pizzas strange fruit tuna coins bones nothing pizzas deaths anti bones bones weap poison pizzas airs bat bones def pot irons bones tooth half big 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  13. :arrow: FIRST ONE TO PM & COME TO WHERE I AM GETS TO WEAR PHAT FOR THE MAX AMOUNT OF TIME FREE!!! :ohnoes: ##@ Then i wont be able to lend anything else and get some peace and quiet
  14. 0hip's party hire euporium Avalable for hire: fee is by an hourly rate of scrolls bought from me depending on items value Full dragons w/dragon full helm Full bandos Full armadyl w/ags DFS fremmy rings barrows sets whips masks santa hats Purple party hat Yellow party hat Green party hat Red party hat Pm me if you want to dress to impress
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