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  1. When I posted my findings I just got flamed XD Well here they are if it helps any ~~~~~ Here is some on the information I've collected for the key minigame after the 'Making History' quest. The key had 11 treasure hunts for the key to dissolve I found all of the m'journs after 10 treasure hunts If the key was freezing, it meant that the treasure was on the opposite side of the continent (Varrok or Ardounge), excluding Mortania of course. The treasure was always on the overworld, not in any place where you need to do a quest to access. Some of the treasure was under concrete, but digging got it out anyway ;) I made about 60k, not selling the m'journs 3 of those prizes with be mojourns - bad911 Can be mojourns can be used in GWD so keep 'em - bad911 [hide=Treasure locations (Warning 11 Images)]Please speak up if you have any new locations or info I can use [/hide]
  2. Well I got my first substantial sum of cash through treasure trails. Finding ranger boots at level 60-something really makes my day if ya know what I mean
  3. Ouch, I feel for ya. Do you think there is a sort of luck gene that your character has when it is created.
  4. Oh Oh! I know Mister Kurtvegita another one is that Zamorak is usually portrayed as a beast which alot of the pagan deities look like. Anyone else have any more?
  5. NOW TO GET BACK ON TOPIC READ BELOW SO WE CAN STOP A GOOD THREAD FROM BEING LOCKED I NEED EVERYONE's COOPERATION Ok, now to put everyone to work I want everyone who posts here to come up with something that is pagan that is in runescape, although this will probably fall on deaf audience I'll start One of the most obvious ones are the druidic altar in tavalry. Stonehenge anyone?
  6. *facepalm* Lets just lock this topic, people aren't being civilized at the end of it all As always I'll send out a PM NOW IF YOU HAVE AN ARGUMENT WITH ME, PM IT. NOW EVERYONE STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS ON THIS THREAD, WE ARE WAY OFF TOPIC
  7. See in your utopian society, religion is the focal point. Now think of it from a person who doesn't believe in your religion. Aren't you oppressing them? In a true harmonized society religion would play no part in the government at all. Every citizen would be allowed to believe what they want, and practice what they want. Churches of all kinds would exist together, realizing that they believe different things, yet never fighting because of it. That would be my idea of utopia, and I think it would work just fine. To all christians, be happy that you've found your salvation in something you're adamant on, but never press it on another person, because there are some of us who aren't as lucky as you. We haven't found our true calling and aren't settling for anything less. Hey, make your own thread on the matter. I thought that is was agreed upon to leave this thread alone, at least by me. I'll send over a pm with my answer. Now everyone back to the discussion that this began with.
  8. I agree, lets end it here. If you have an argument to pick, take it off this thread. Make your own. To change the subject back Reassure your friend that as long as he is not worshiping runescape's deities, there should be no harm in playing runescape. It is just a virtual world that is meant or entertainment. They don't even meet the description of God. But its his choice at the end, if he were to say that he won't play runescape after you tell him that, support him.
  9. Thats right, something cannot make something greater than itself. If we have sentience, then the thing that made us must have sentience also. In order to make all the things around us, it must have the power to do that also, thus is greater than us. You are taking my broad generalizations and saying I am applying it to every atheist. You even throw out the racism card when I haven't even talked about races. Its just a cheap trick. There is no racism in what I said. I am only stating that atheists, in a whole, are usually less moral than Christians. Well at least Christian standards which all Christians should be following. I am not saying atheists are the root of all evil like you are saying I did. It seems that you are a bit racist yourself: "you cant judge every person by their religion or race, thats what people call RACISM, PROFILING, and DISCRIMINATION." Thats just twisting some words around, some of your own medicine. Like I stated, it is a broad generalization. There is nothing wrong with that. Also religion has started wars, but war isn't always bad. Wars can be just and righteous. If there was a man who was oppressing his people, murdering them and suppressing their rights as humans, and you had the power to take him out of power through just means, would you not do it? If you wouldn't shame on you. That war is just and good. A bad war is one for land, or ego or pride. From what I am gathering, you fancy man a god. Thats some big ego right there, alot of foolhearty pride. You think yourself equal to the thing that created you. Cloning isn't all man's power, it is also the strength of the chemicals used to make it. People like you believe that religion is not evil, but I say to people like you that if you take religion out of a country you will end up with communist russia. Something that oppresses the people. Something that stamps out religion because it has a pure hatred for it, something that will go at no lengths to achieve it's goals and desires. After all, they have nothing in the world or in the universe to answer to. Why not murder kill and steal, what is anyone else going to do about it? If you go over there and say to them "I believe in God and he is real" it is just like saying "God will punish you for all of the crimes you have committed." They will kill you, right there. Religion is not allowed. Churches will become museums and children will be taught in schools that God does not exist. That my friend, is life without God. A horrible existence, not because they will oppress your rights but because you will never have a chance to know God. This is in no way a flame, just a response to one. PM me if you have an argument, this thread is not for what we've been doing.
  10. *facepalm* Looks like this topic got out of hand, as I thought. I'm with the 70% of the American population which believes in a God. From my experience alot of atheists hate religion. They believe it the cause of war and such and they think everyone other than them fanatical. No wonder they are lest moral than people who believe in a God. What is it to them if they decide to have an abortion or go and cheat a man out of his business. They don't care about others as much as they care about themselves, contrary to Catholic teaching which says you have to die to yourself so you can die for others. Think of others before yourself and you will be rewarded infinitely more than 7 times 77 times 7 times 7 of what you gave up.
  11. I would use white knight or my sara with my sara cape. But the most efficient method would be to use the varrok achievement armor
  12. The question that faces us now is what is rare and what is not now. They must have some sort of check box which they have to check which tells if it is rare or not and they aren't checking it for dragon items or something.
  13. Closes runescape window before his evilness hits. Only in your virtual world dude ~~~~~ to my knowledge, neopaganism is just a subcategory for paganism. Paganism is a broad generalization of all non-Christian religions. Well excluding the Muslims, they are the only exception. What I find is interesting is that the Egyptians worshiped cats and they gave yearly human sacrifices to the Nile. Just thoughts from someone living in the 21st century reflecting on the past with the wisdom of knowing that one's race was once full of fools and it can happen again. But ya to get back on topic, runescape barrows most of its stuff from pagans. zamorak has human sacrifices given to him. Also they make sure you know that he is evil, but some people just don't understand that killing someone else and calling it a sacrifice is bad. Thats why God was His own sacrifice when he wanted reparation, he respects our rights as humans and creatures.
  14. To my understanding, pagans are anything other than the followers of Christ. There have been alot of pagan religions started after Christianity. Are they not pagan?
  15. they would probably limit that with different skills needed they would probably give portable dorgushkahn lightbulbs or something for high firemaking
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