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  1. I'm pretty confident I can get 7k all, in the Bowl now. Maybe 7.5k if I dump some effects. If you assume well-levelled Pincers crew and Pincers ship upgrades, another 1000 extra should be no problem. These voyages aren't meant to be 100% in any case, and with 8-8.5k all you have ~70%, which isn't bad. Although adding a merchant may make it a bit tough :P. In all the cases I have seen, the merchant is pretty much mandatory for all resource based voyages, except maybe for skull region when the Storekeeper has only 10%. So far what I have seen is that even if I replace a crew that isn't morale with Merchant, my chance to succeed usually only drops by 10% of what it originally was (EG from 80% to 72% say), merchant makes that offset worthwhile most of the time (barring some really unfortunate circumstance of your ship taking a large chunk of your resource for repair, but that is rare). While it's true that putting a jade merchant on all your voyages will net you a larger amount of jade resource than going for higher success, the rate at which you progress to the next region will be slower due to having fewer successful missions per day. I am currently at 59% with 18 jade crew, 2 judge of dice and 3 merchants, all ship upgrades, and 2k jade. According to calculations, by the time i get to the next region, I will have accumulated at least another 18k jade, excluding resource special missions and my next building upgrade (resource reward upgrade). I'd rather get a little less jade (I think the 18k will be enough) and get to the next region faster.
  2. It's a nice mix of new stuff and quality of life updates. Looks like a good month
  3. Good update. Holding tools was a burdening restriction considering the number of skills involved in dungeoneering (aka almost all). It essentially forced picking food over resources, and preference went to food. Glad to see other skills have a chance to shine now
  4. It's been a while since I last posted, but I distinctly recall when effigys came out, the reaction to them was surprisingly negative. The whole idea of giving non-combat exp from combat was a toxic concept because it narrowed the scope of the game. As such, it's really interesting to see, a year later, how the scope of the game can now be just effigies. I never heart of effigy-scape until i saw this thread. Yet, it is not surprising to see such a backlash in response to the removal. Effigies evolved into a new way to play the game. However, keep in mind, just because such a method is available doesn't mean it is what is intended. Regardless of your opinions on the runescape grind, the intention of effigies was an occasional reward for combat, not combat as a replacement for skills. The nerf could have gone with just the reduced drop rate, not the 5-limit. To keep in line with the support for skilling within runescape, the ability to gather effigies to save up until you could level your skills to a reasonable level off-set the toxic impact of combat skilling non-combat skills. I hope they remove the 5-limit.
  5. Conversation update? YES. Glad i didn't spend points on the t2. Overall looks great.
  6. Thanks for the responses. Im usually on a specific world (which is why i usually know which world to re-log back onto), its just that sometimes I'm lazy and go random. Maybe someday theyll update this...
  7. Runescape has been exceptionally buggy on me the past few months. One thing it does is it will freeze completely and will not unfreeze, forcing me to restart the game. This is especially problematic in that it occurs most often right after I die and chose my items kept. Yup, right after I die. Today, I died in the polypore dungeon, risking 10m. Right after I pick what I keep, BAM, the freeze. The past few times I've done it I knew what world I was on. Today, I didn't. The only reason I found the world was that the auto-world was putting me on a 1k-ish world, and there were only 5 or so of them. So, my question is, is there a way to find what world your gravestone is on if you disconnect?
  8. The new potion is nice. Not great, not game changing, but nice. One potion = 20 minutes, so that's 5-6 of these potions on a DK trip. Tradeable, so you can store in familiar (unlike super prayer). I like.
  9. While we're on this topic, does anyone else frequently get "you're account is currently logged in" messages when logging in/out? Sometimes it just doesn't let me log, sometimes it logs me out completely (to login page, instead of the welcome page). It gets really annoying when I log to OVL trick
  10. Cannon pieces FINALLY don't keep over everything else! YES!!!
  11. suddenly went from mith dragons giving me the RoW message every other kill to one message in 40 kills, for a ruby. Missed out :x Update looks great, though.
  12. ...no rewards outside the activity besides a cosmetic reward???
  13. Switching between rings seems kind of excessive - i'd personally take the loss of+4/8str for the convenience of not having to switch between rings each kill I thought Kril was a lesser demon....or did they change that? We should probably wait for the update to come out so we actually know how much the ring changes. Kril is a greater demon now
  14. that looks a LOT better edit: quoted wrong post
  15. ouch, full arma + xbow lost due to a glitch like that? Good thing you have screenies, it could be helpful for fixing it
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