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  1. Noticed this the other day on the RSOF: My best stuff from the new SoF so far (the pet seems fairly common, and I took the 500k convert option for the lamp) And my first triskelion fragment since they came out (got it from abyssal demons)
  2. I can almost count the pixel in Duradel's chat head. The reason for that hint is a reference to somebody on the RSOF complaining about ankou bots, saying that "Ankou bots are literally everywhere". Mod Mat K's response:
  3. Personally, I use my familiarisation at dagannoths. I've only compared it against waterfiends, and for me it's the faster of the two. I haven't got access to glacors, so that isn't an option for me. Here are my last four trips using triple charms, in the hide tags: [hide] [/hide] Also worth counting are the spirit gems. Sapphire = 10 crimsons Emerald = 20 crimsons Ruby = 30 crimsons It would be best to use them all as blue charms, but I never have enough so it's best to consider them as crimsons. Use any spirit rubies as blues when you can though. Counting the spirit gems, I get these results. 693 crimsons777 crimsons677 crimsons821 crimsonsThat averages out to 742 crimsons per 40 minutes of triple charms.
  4. Use them for construction daily challenges. The daily challenges which require you to make flatpacks (maybe others) give back materials of value equivalent to the planks used. That way it's possible to get the value of the plank you are using them as.
  5. Thanks for the post. It's something we are aware of and hopefully it'll be up shortly. Sorry it wasn't there when you were looking for it earlier.
  6. Thanks for pointing that out, I've updated the guide to include both of those and added your name to the credits too. Thanks again.
  7. Sounds like a good idea to me. I'll add the links when I get back home later on today. Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Hey Traktoriukas, thanks for the feedback. At the time, that would have been a pretty good route. You're correct though, that route is really long now. I've added a mention of the teleport scroll and lodestones instead. Thanks for your help, you've been credited.
  9. Thanks goldelpack, I've clarified that section now. It reads: That way we manage to avoid using terms such as Burthorping or Taverleying :). You've been credited for your help.
  10. Just after spending my September points on some cosmetics. Ugh. [hide][/hide] [hide][/hide] :wall: Email billingsupport and ask for 1 runecoin, they'd probably oblige if you phrased it nicely and explained that you were only 1 runecoin away.
  11. The curtain is a bug, it used to appear in Falador but that got patched: By patched, I apparently mean relocated to somewhere less noticeable.
  12. Congratulations to everyone. I think the reorganisation will make things much easier for you all. Also, this thread will need updating with what's changed too: http://forum.tip.it/topic/37065-tip-it-staff-list/ (and some new team icons which don't refer to the naming under the old system will be needed)
  13. Yeah, that confirms what I was experiencing. I got a fair amount at level 30, but then I was dry for the next few levels. Also, if anyone wants to help out in determining the percentage chance of getting enriched memories at each level, help would be appreciated: http://forum.tip.it/topic/320948-ratio-of-regular-memories-to-enriched-memories/
  14. Has anyone else noticed levels where you don't get any enriched memories? I really can't believe it was just bad luck, but I guess it might've been. While I was level 31 and level 32, I got no enriched memories at all despite collecting 247 regular glowing memories. This is in contrast to other levels, where I've got up to 5 enriched memories in an inventory.
  15. Hey Finsquirrel, thanks for the feedback. You will now notice that the thieving guide displays this information. You've been credited for your help. If you ever notice anything like this again, feel free to let us know.
  16. 2. http://www.tip.it/runescape/pages/view/pop_stats.htm#crew (scroll down a bit to traits)
  17. Well, they said 4 weeks after RS3, and it's only been like what, just over a week? But Divi being the first item in the BTS, I have no idea. True (and assuming they are releasing updates in the same order they are in the BTS), but if they don't update next week then it would be two weeks one after another of no updates. I was thinking about this too, and it could be the case that they did it out of order to 'highlight' the new skill. Since that's obviously their biggest update for the month, they would want to hype it up the most so they put it first to do this (rather than putting it first to indicate that it will be the first update of the month).
  18. Thanks to you both, the number of coal rocks is now shown to be 11 on the mining maps menu.
  19. "Players who have not completed Bringing Home The Bacon no longer receive daily challenges far below their skill level." Problem solved --> New problem created.
  20. Heya weichin and welcome to the tip.it forums. The calculators use hiscore data from the RuneScape website. Hiscores are a members only feature so if an account is f2p you would have to enter the stats manually rather than entering a name. Accounts will sometimes remain on the hiscores for a period of time after becoming f2p, but eventually they will be removed from the hiscores (which will explain why one of your example accounts works on the calculator despite being currently f2p). That should hopefully explain why that's happening, but if any further clarification is needed feel free to ask.
  21. Hey shasta, thanks for the submission. I've added that to the rewards section and credited you for your help. Thanks.
  22. Heya, thanks for the submission but that item had already been updated on the site by the time this was posted, so no changes are needed. It's possible it was showing the old lamp image, but pressing F5 to refresh the page would show the new image. Thanks.
  23. Hey TearGod, a few questions first: 1. Has it always been as slow as it is, or is it something which just started happening one day. 2. What browser are you using? 3. Is it the latest version of that particular browser? The calculator isn't instant, simply due to the amount of calculations it takes to actually find the best combination. The calculation of the first ship takes the longest, since more combinations are possible. A quote from a few pages back, shows just how many calculations are done: If you don't already have the latest version of your browser, I'd suggest upgrading. I'll mention this thread to @Xena_Dragon who might be able to help you further. It works perfectly for me, sometimes slower than you'd like but that is simply due to the enormous amount of calculations as already mentioned.
  24. I think in this particular case, it's just being used as an expression and you aren't actually being ratted. It usually shows discontent, disappointment or that something hasn't went as expected. Given that there are so many other options to convey this (damn, drats, bugger, shit, d'oh, oops and plenty of swear words), it's not seen/heard too often I guess.
  25. Generally speaking, what should my crew setup look like in the pincers? My crew at the moment is a bit of a mess, and it could be improved a bit.
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