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  1. Thank you all and yes, I was trying to point out that there was no quest in the list at all, but now that all are aware, that was my original intention. Thank you all for the replies :D
  2. Thank you for the move Stev, wasn't sure if that was the right place.
  3. I understand what you are saying, just that the old quest guide is missing from the guide list and I was wondering if that was on purpose or if no-one had noticed it yet. Plus, it has now differed from the original quest. I didn't want players going to "other" fansites (shudders) if they wanted that info.
  4. Hello all, I have been off the forums for a few years and have now returned because I have a niggling question: Where is the quest guide for the above quest? I know it replaces another one, but I am not sure what the name of it was now, something like "the Black Knights", but I cannot find that one either. It niggles me because I did the original and now thanks to the "reworked update" my quest guide has this one re-outstanding. Any help would be ..........helpful, lol. if this is in the wrong place I apologise now, it's been a while since I last posted on here.
  5. Well as long as our accounts are transferred without us having to create a new one i am happy, although the chance to "edit" your username may be a good addition for some people if it is included. :thumbsup: =D>
  6. Hello fellow tip.it'ers. I have been playing rs since 2004 many of you who have posted have seen me on here before. Scammers, bug users and macroers have been around since rsc. I remember many people complaining about it way back, the trouble is as has already been mentioned that people only like to remenber the good things...that is human nature and i have no problem with it. I had never heard of miniclip..i just thought more people were finding out about rs. I myself found it through fileplanet/gamespy..and was too late for a party hat :cry: When i first started playing there were many chars.looking to take advantage of the newbies (!), i was lured to the drayner mansion basement for some great new armour......i survived cuz i had run on phew!!Never liked vampires ever since lol. Any way my point is dont blame just 1 site for the problems we all now face. With a greater number of players you will always get a certain percentage of idiots/immature players coming through too. They have always been there just its more noticable now because of the greater number of people playing. You dont have to listen to them..you have an ignore list ( as already been mentioned by dragon2) use it. Enjoy the game dont let idiots spoil it for you use the tools Jagex have given you, dont blame them, without Jagex what would you be doing now? Playing WOW? ( ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã10 a month subscription), Everquest? (ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã20 a month subs?) etc etc.
  7. Who cares about a few pixels???? This is a game, you know? a fun way to pass your spare time and to maybe have a chat with people from all over the world if your lucky. Does anyone remember that Jagex withdrew all seasonal drops for a while because of people making gp out of others with these rares? That was never the intention.. to make some people rich and others not so. Now all season drops are for everyone and untradeable so the only way you dont get one is if you were'nt playing RS at that time. Rares are fine if you have the cash to spend/waste..and yes i dont have any, surprised anyone? I dont play Rs to make cash/gp i play to enjoy the experience (pun intended). :wink:
  8. I h8 being pked wen i am abyss rcing..it makes me soooo mad , plus are there any other green / red dragons anywhere else than the wilderness?? You want the hides to upskill your crafting? well duh u ded i pwned u noob.............just for sum d hides....... O o o o and wen dont TALK to me about treas trails..blinking idiots...its not as if you cant tell what we are doing . As for that exp excuse...kill a blinking npc idiots!!!! But then again it is the wildy and i dont think you will ever stop people pking when there are clearly easy targets available (see above), that is why the rewards are supposedly greater because you have to "run the risk". Still, it is very annoying when you have a full invent of hides or just looking through your sextant a....
  9. I too have an all round char. I find that it keeps the monotony down by doing different things when you get bored of levelling just 1 skill. I dont use spreadsheets and only rarely use the calculaters, only when i know i am near to my next level, for me sometimes getting a level unexpectedly is a nice surprise. The other way i decrease the boredom factor is to take a break for a day and play Battlefield 2142 instead...very violent, no blood, runescape has more blood interestingly enuff but that is where my geekishness lays not in spreadsheets and lvls but in stupid uninteresting facts that no one wannts to know about :P But hey isn't that what forums are for?? :D Anyway, interesting article, one of the editors better ones for a while i think. I also agree that his/her writing technique does seem to change now and again perhaps its a "they"? :-k
  10. Right on. Kill all beggers or at least ignore them....then kill them :ohnoes:
  11. Thankyou Mcguff1 i will try that, and thank you willyhenriksen although you weren't quite as helpful but you posted anyway :twisted:
  12. Ok guys, bit of help needed. I have a lvl 3 clue, i am at the lvl 50 wildy volcanoes, i need to dig west of the largest volcanoe...but there are 3 of them!! :wall: Wait hang on...i'll dig west of all of em, bound to get the right 1 then? =D> No joy, all i got was nothing interesting happens #-o Then 2 pkers come along and think it funny to attack the treasure hunter, luckily i escaped......2 hp left :ohnoes: Can any one tell me which is the correct volcanoe to dig west of ?? :pray:
  13. At last , i am not alone heres my list from a combat 96 playing since april 2004 : full zomby and all emotes \ 8 full prince and frog masks :? nearly all mime...no mask or emotes, last time seen mime = 2004? :wall: 1 Drill = Camo helm #-o Freaky forrester...who's he? (lol) never had him :notalk: =;
  14. Wooooooooooot the capes are awesome.......oops, sorry f2pers :-w But i gotta say......pay your money if you can because the capes are worth the cash on their own, nice 1 Jagex, at last something to shout about =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> Thats me happy until the next quest comes out then i gotta complete it to wear my new cape again....but what an emote!!!!! WOW \ \ :thumbsup:
  15. Yup, i agree with that, finding out about the "playing history" is fascinating for me too considering i joined around April 2004 so i feel i may have missed a very large proportion of important facts like the one about the bank. As for the cooking guild? Yes update it, expand it, add an extra members section (that way f2p can still use at lvl 32), but do not split the skill....it will devalue the cooking i think. Then again, at my cooking level i dont think i will be too bothered. Baking? Isn't that a retrograde step? It's ok to find out how things were done in the past but thats it, it's in the past surely thats why they were "improved" to today's standards. One last thing, was this changed so that even if you can still play RSC you still can't do all that?
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