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  1. Until Ret pallys get nurfed, they are byfar the best pvp class right now. Locks are getting nurfed yes, but catch a rogue out of stealth and he's an easy target...if you know what youre doing. Any other mage in here loving the new arcane tree? I do like the new arcane tree, not for PvP, but it is still awesome in PvE (though DPS is fairly low compared to other trees), I liked: -97 Resist to all schools (Magic absorption + the talent that increases resisitances by Mage armour): This one owns, I went to a few places that hit fairly high on magic, I had once got a Netherbreath off Netherspite and saw stuff like "Netherbreath hits for 2k something (2k ish resisted), and MurMur's Sonicboom (H SLabs) hitted me for 4k out of 7.5k. - Arcane Meditation + Mage Armour glyph: 200mp5 anyone? - Slow + ABr kite: Makes a lot of elites soloable compared to r1 FB kiting pre 3.0 - Instant Invis: Saves quite a lot of gold repairing when it saves you where you could have otherwise died for some reasons. Also a useful tool to assist in wipe recovery. Well TBC gear will still help you in levelling, so they are not entirely useless, I think T5+ gear should be able to last you till 75+ or later before it gets replaced by greens/blues at that level. 25 man raids give "significantly" better loot than 10 man raids in WotLK btw.
  2. Ambassador titles are somewhat easier to get now one of the minimap functions allow you to detect low level quest givers on the map (the same dropdown list containing track humanoids abilities etc), making questing for rep in starting areas (mulgore, echo isles) made MUCH more easier. I still feel that low level questing is faster for rep compared to farming/buying runecloth for the repeatable Cloth quartermaster quest. Good luck for one though. Anyway I hope that Blizz better not nerf mages because of stupid pvp reasons again. Arcane mages seems pretty behind frost and fire for PvE, it's likely a nerf to ABr is going to push dps down even more. >.>
  3. Sure prices are fairly low, but still I accumulated a decent amount of such drops worth about 30m+ total when I did 83-99 Slayer plus around few m worth of coins and alchs. Not meant to criticise or anything, but I don't find the point of playing a game if you just want to.. well afk it.
  4. Haha congrats on that determination to get it, too bad it fell 50m from the price I have in memory 3 months back.
  5. It doesn't look like this argument is going to get anywhere, but I'm just gonna post my own opinion here. Exp: I won't try to argue that slayer is going to beat zombie monkeys in exp for the fact the combat boost results from black mask and salve amulet evens to be the same, the only difference being the time to run to task spot results in zombie monkeys obviously winning in melee exp rate. Charms: I'm not exactly sure why people have this mentality that only crims should be used for summoning. No doubt it's the most abundant charm is terms of exp/h, but greens and blues aren't that bad either, same with gold (which has low gp/exp rates). Efficiency: To find an approximate profit/hr for slayer is going to be incredibly hard, in addition to those money worthy drops like whips, d boots and the variety of tasks, you can reap in a lot of small money from coin drops, herbs, alching small drops, all those not so significant money can still accumulate to a high value of profit. Same thing with the exp/hr. You can get a few combat exp in not just melee, range and summoning exp here and there with slayer (cannon, melee, charm drops in summoning) and it always varies, then you have to count the cashflow in and out from all that, which adds up to be a very complicated process, hence makes your figures hardly ever convincing to the arguing party on the other side. I doubt even the number 1 slayer can give you a nice figure on the average exp/hr for combat/range/summoning exp seperately per hour. [hide=]I am a Fan of slayer, I'm not going to judge whether it rocks or blows, but I set my reasons for training it clear from the start and stuck to it: -I was aiming for 2376 total eventually. -I needed money to train money-draining skills (construction/prayer/crafting etc). -I feel that summoning training through rocks lobs is too expensive and troublesome for my playing habits as well as considering 2nd point. -I needed a way to train range for max combat (for reasons see point below). -I hate repetitive monster killing (which rules out camping as my preference for combat training) -I hate semi-afking playing RS (no point playing a game if you play it to afk?) -I was sick of being a burden to my high slayer friends in getting kc for sara gwd. -I wanted a way to train combat that conviniently lets me do herb runs for farming without too much trouble. -Slayer is one of the 24 99s for 2376. All those reasons point me to training slayer, though I wasn't too concerned about profit, I underestimated it based from numbers because I left out the small drops over the months which then accumulated to large pool of gp in addition to my slayer drops. I won't deny it took such a long time, but I fulfilled all my goals/reasons in point form above on the day I got 99 slayer and summ at the same time, also providing me the most fun I've had in my rs career before I retired.[/hide] If you read the hide tab, the point I was trying to get across is that many people can train skills for many different reasons, including even personal preferences. There is no exact "best" way to train a skill, and there is so many ways to train. I chose slayer for my reasons, you chose zombie monkeys for your reasons, both sides don't really have a right to point out "Hey, you doing it the wrong way".. "my way is better than yours because of xxx!".
  6. Any one of those 5 responses works out to a fast post count increment which makes the post appear relevant and "contributing-to-the-topic".
  7. I suppose 91 runecrafting could then make a better requirement. Just kidding. What really disappointed me was that after so long (years) they have FINALLY added to payable option to calquat, crippling a critical use of the nature amulet (use it on vine/last herb visited instead), but at the same time it is awesome beyond description.
  8. Zamorak chaps is redundant, use zamork vambraces and bring an extra brew with the inven space you free'd.
  9. I'll have to disagree with some of your points. Use of salve(e) is quite limited it should not be presented as a argument at all. For sure Black masks and Salve overpower void knight melee, you can't use it for every single monster. Many people wear void knight melee for the accuracy it gives (normal armour does not provide any) which can make quite a difference even its just "10%", and when they are barely taking any damage at all or magic damage. It is not very tactical to mage WITHOUT a safespot, so if you do use a safespot, maging with 0 or 322 def makes no difference. I have no knowledge about the increase of magic accuracy, so I wouldn't talk about that. Ah yes, the misleading 10%, yet not true. At a base hit of 14 normally, I could hit 17 with void, that's at least 25% increase. The main range bonus comes from the weapon, which is why people still can range effective in tank, even full torags. Also, it has been proven time and again that void range exceeds armadyl in terms of exp/hr for some training methods (even chinning). Comparison of stats between both is insignificant since the difference is only single digit bonuses. In PvM defence is not important since you will be safespot ranging.
  10. I found range a pretty slow method of doing the task as maxed out cb, so I'm only going to talk about melee. The breath hits like KBD's, which magic defence does nothing does nothing to mitigate the hit, which means it does nothing at all, so don't wear karils to wyverns or KBD at all. Your next best setup is just plain best melee/range def tanking all their attacks, with a DFS. Otherwise would be proselyte v skirt melee pray without. There are actually two kinds of skeletal wyverns, the lvl 158 with 210hp, and lvl 140s with 200hp which are deeper in the lair. I can't seem to spot any difference in max hits, but due to level differences I prefer to do the lvl 140s. It's hard to notice these until you are about 133 cmb. :lol:
  11. Guthaning for the set effect as a whole is slow, inefficient and a waste of time since the release of summoning 2.
  12. I don't see how defragmenting is gonna solve your problem, unless you have some lag issues. I'll doubt defragmenting even does anything to help RS, since RS doesn't involve your harddisk at all. OT: When a better game interests me more than RS, in terms of game mechanics complexity, all those stuff, hehe.
  13. Players are used to the old mmorpg "style" of different classes which different game content is available only to certain classes, which Runescape is an exception.
  14. Doesn't change anything for duo sara ranging, grouping sara (3man+) takes too long till the whole trip gets boring. :lol:
  15. The only reason I would only use a godsword is just a hit which is the spec, otherwise whip beats it in almost every aspect which Full V makes up for whip inability to hit extreme high def monsters. Surely SGS spec would fit the criteria best because most of the combat is done against low lvl monsters, hence inevitably making SGS the best in most of the time you do combat. Yet sometimes I don't really need the heal from SGS spec so AGS spec might be better in certain situations. Every GS spec serves a different purpose, for different environment, different advantages in different circumstances. Since I'm not restricted to only having to choose a GS spec (you didn't specify that!), I would choose all. :mrgreen:
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