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  1. If you have not sided with Bandos or Armodyl I believe you're safe.
  2. OMG I was FURIOUS! I was chopping yew trees for a challenge and decided to make a cup of coffee.. I wasn't wearing armor, didn't have a weapon on me, and just had a bunch of Signs of the Porter and woodcutting urns.. A bandosian NPC attacked and killed me. Thankfully the gravestone was extended so i was able to get most of my things back - but I had NO IDEA I could be attacked while skilling in non event areas. I finally looked it up on the RS WIKI - I had thought perhaps I logged into a PVP world or something - totally unexpected and I'm glad I made that coffee fast.
  3. In the Slayer Guide, under REWARDS(SMOKING KILLS) it states: I'm not sure that Taverleying tasks is common practice.. :razz:
  4. Help me out here... I'm not quite sure I'm understanding this completely. We can buy a bond direct from Jagex for $5.00. The bond can be used directly for 14 days of membership, 8 SOF spins or 160 RuneCoins. OR... However, if we want to use it as regular RS coins (gold) to buy and sell items in-game (or gift it to others) the value is set by the current rate on the GE? (this is what I'm thinking) So let's say I want to buy a Dragon this or that which costs 5million RS gold currently - and I spend $5 to buy a bond - and that bond is trading at 5million RS coins - I can buy my Dragon this or that by selling my bond -- right? And does that mean if I have a bond in my bank it is worth whatever the going rate of exchange is for them? I'm not sure why I'm confused.. or if I even am confused.. :)
  5. So far I've benefited most from the Dungeoneering challenge - big time- because I only ever do this solo and without taking advantage of a lot in the dungeon. So i don't get close to the max. exp i could. Anyway - I saw this mentioned earlier in the thread and haven't yet found an answer -- How do we cancel allowing the grandmaster guy to NOT mess with our bank accounts. I set it to "yes" thinking it would simplify things but my awesome bank organization is totally screwed now! And that's from perhaps 2 challenges. I tried all the options with him - without having completed a challenge - and i wonder if i have a challenge it'll open up that option again -- i was thinking maybe i should talk to Diango... :cool:
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