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Poem - Solace

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English literature classes persuaded me to write a poem. The title has no relation to the clan.




At the end of my garden where the grass grows untamed

There is a little picket fence

Moss-covered wood, tormented by years of rain and snow

The vines curl upon the fading white paint

And a little swinging gate

Who lets no one but me pass into the shadows


And if you walk long enough, you’ll find the glade

Where towering willow trees stand strong and silent

Their tendrils drape undisturbed


In the early autumn afternoon, with no wind nor rain

The cyan of the glade calls to me

I rest my head upon the bark of a willow tree

And listen intently as silence speaks its wisdom


A mushroom sits alone near my hand

Somewhere beneath, in the depths and darkness of the earth

Lie the decayed bones of someone I never knew

Who was called to the glade just as I

Maybe an aeon ago


I wonder if the trees spoke to her too

If they told her to find the stream

And into it pour her golden nectar

To watch it glisten in the light as it runs over the rocks

Illuminating her face as she smiles


Then the years went by

And what was once her magnificence now rests in silence and death

She was a ghost, a memory that I never knew

There are millions of mushrooms in the glade

Far too many for me to count


You still ask me why I spend my time with the owls

Why I choose to stare deep into the eyes of the Beast

In fascination

Why I do not barter the devouring of my flesh for a brief moment of ecstasy

Better to let Her feast on the dogs

And ignore me as I pass on by, Her appetite is satisfied


The rats are content with their sewers

They never speak of better life

Never try and fight for the surface

Never flee from their darkness and damp


I watch the young lads in their overalls

As they scurry about the harbour

Tending to the ship that takes our brothers overseas

To suffer pain and death for some greater good

They paint the union jack upon the bow

Glorification of this grand coffin

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Very simple, but sincere and structured to hit a chord or two


Really like it :)


--raising some hell--




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