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Poison + Genesis vs Runescape Dinasty


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Genesis & Poison -v- RuneScape Dinasty




MB cancelled a prep war on us, so we asked Poison to team with us to fight RSD. Everyone seemed interested, and therefore a fight was arranged.



1 Hour Cap

4:30EST -> 5:30EST


Spiders to East Tree[/p]


Genesis & Poison Starting: 177 opts (60 on TS)

RuneScape Dinasty Starting: 150 opts~ (? on TS) - (http://i.imgur.com/WoBgY.png)




The fight began messy as VR rushed RSD which led us to team to clear. This allowed RSD to gain a few more people before we really started fighting. However we still outnumbered RSD but started slowly, and slowly got back into it. The fight became more even until some good tanking from RSD allowed them to take advantage. We had a quick regroup and got together and did well once again with RSD slightly edging it, despite great calling from everyone contributing. Eventually the end of the cap was upon us and we compared endings:


Genesis & Poison Ending: 200~ opts (66 on TS)

RuneScape Dinasty Ending: 156 opts (? on TS)





It's pretty clear RSD outperformed us from the KDR pic, but considering this was the first time both clans have fought with these opts for a long time, and also the first time teaming with each other, I think we did well. Not to mention, the crashers Poison had on them. Good job to everyone who stayed and thanks for the fight RSD!



  • Genesis & Poison for peaking at 66 - well done guys,
  • Bigd3d for drinking 49 bottles of water in 2 days...
  • Mitzella for losing her G-Staff,
  • Luke for losing his 53rd G-Staff,
  • Tika, Milad, Bran & Venomous for solid calling,
  • Poison: thanks for being great teammates. Would happily team again,
  • Shoutout from Venomous: my boy Peck Da Man
  • Pedro for disconnecting AGAIN,
  • Wheelchair Dan for losing his G2H,
  • Pure Hatred for the AC,
  • RSD for fighting outnumbered and edging the KDR.

Thanks for the fight RSD, and thank you for teaming Poison.

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