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Update - 19-Jan-2013

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A complete rewrite from the ground up. Pushing through the update for this version was nerve wracking, to say the least... Quite literally everything was written from scratch. Not a single line was copied.

  • Changes

    • DGConnect is now classified under Share Maps. It has been completely restructured. It now takes a matter of milliseconds to retrieve and send maps between players!
    • The way DGSweeper captures the map has been completely redone. Instead of always looking for the map, it'll only look for 2 seconds after you click the map button. This was to save resources and lower CPU usage.
    • Relative positioning has been removed. Simply click and drag the borders of the DGSweeper to reposition it.
    • The timer has now been placed on top of the map to save room. As always, click to start and stop it.
    • The timer now starts when a map is retrieved from another player.
    • The party details can now be displayed on a legend window as it used to in the past. The legend must be shown to tell DGSweeper to capture the party details. Hiding the legend will show the names on the map.
    • All false positives from virus companies have been dealt with.
    • Many of the tray options have been removed. Use the hotkeys for things like toggling the map and other features.
    • The riddle and potion features have been placed on the main interface to make things more user friendly and easier to read.
    • A hiscores feature has been added. It also comes with a hotstring! Check out all the hotstrings here.
    • Sharing maps now has the hotstring !dgc.
    • The main interface is no longer a standard classed GUI and a lot of DGSweeper functions are controlled by a web browser.
    • DGSweeper has a Facebook page (facebook.com/dgsweeper)! Give us a like for the most up-to-date information!
    • A donation button has been added to the main interface. Donations given from this interface do not go to Tip.It. They go to me, helping me be able to spend time developing DGSweeper and keeping it up-to-date. It'll also go to me setting up my life that I'm soon to be restarting.
    • Aero can now be disabled for Windows lower then Window 8 that support it.
    • The key utility can now place gatestones!




I don't expect this to be entirely bug free. But, before posting a bug issue for not capturing the map, make sure you go to Options > Navigation Bar and make sure it's set correctly.


Thanks guys!

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When opening the map, you'll get a tooltip that'll appear with a few random numbers. This is fixed and just waiting for MageUK to reupload. :).


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