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Update - 12-Feb-2013

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Have been very busy the past couple weeks, but here's!

  • Changes

    • Changed the way DGSweeper looks for the client. It now has a set few clients that will work:
      • Jagex client
      • Chrome
      • Internet Explorer
      • Firefox
      • Opera
      • SwiftKit

      [*]The reason for the previous change is that DGSweeper now works in fullscreen! If you enter full screen and DGSweeper doesn't appear, try using Ctrl-M, although it should work.

      [*]Fixed an issue with DGSweeper stalling and no longer searching for the map or even registering clicks.


  • Projects

    • Finish Find Members.




As always, if you find something wrong, please follow these directions.


A lot of players don't know about the hotkeys and hotstrings. Make sure you check them out here!


Thanks guys!

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