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RPG-Maker Games


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I figured a topic for these would be great for sharing any new ones we found, as well as discussing existing ones.


But what is RPG-Maker?

RPG-Maker is a program for making roleplaying games that has gained a lot of popularity as of late, and has generated some really fantastic games. A lot of these originate from Japan, with fans making English translations for free (vgperson is probably the most famous of these translators due to several of his games being played by Pewdiepie and the quality works that he tends to go for). Games made using these sometimes require the installation of the compatible RPG-Maker program.



I'm pretty sure games using Wolf RPG Maker DON'T require a specific installation of it, but I may just be unable to find the program in my computer so if you can't play Ib, Mad Father, Misao, and Crooked man I'll dig around a bit more.



[hide=RPG-Maker Games I know of]


-The Witch's House ( http://vgboy.dabomstew.com/other/witchhouse.htm )

A young girl is forced to explore a strange house filled with an array of deadly traps. It has a very worthwhile ending, and if you only play one of these games I implore you to try this one. (Requires RPG Maker VX RTP, which is on the same site.)


-Mad Father ( http://vgboy.dabomstew.com/other/madfather.htm )

A young girl awakens in the middle of the night to find her home infested with monsters. Also her dad is a psychopath.


-Misao ( http://vgboy.dabomstew.com/other/misao.htm )

A young girl tries to deal with the fact that her highschool has be overrun by zombies and evil spirits. Made by the same person as Mad Father ( it's an earlier work of theirs, and a bit lower quality).


-Ib ( http://vgperson.tumblr.com/post/20738417203/ib )

A young girl visits an art museum and, predictably, things go horribly wrong. (Personally this one isn't my favorite, but it has a pretty big following for an RPG Maker game.)


-Crooked Man ( http://vgboy.dabomstew.com/other/crookedman.htm )

A young man moves into a new apartment and strange things begin to occur.



...Yeah most of these star young girls, make of that what you will. Most of these that I play I get from VGPerson's blog (I've found a few others but they were rather unimpressive) so that's why all of the ones I linked here were translated by him.




Does anyone else here play these and/or have others to suggest?

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