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DGSweeper Fix - Users with UAC

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A few people may have issues with DGSweeper not working in Vista, 7, or 8. I've finally found the cause.


If each time you start RuneScape through Jagex's client you have to click Yes or No in a User Account Control window, DGSweeper will not work for you! However, I've found a way around that... And no, you don't have to disable your UAC!


If the above applies to you, go to Computer and search for JagexLauncher[Caution: Executable File]. Most often, it can be found at:



Right click this file and go to Properties. From there, go to the Compatibility tab and at the bottom uncheck Run this program as administrator.


Done! You can now use DGSweeper on the Jagex client on Windows Vista, 7, and 8! I saw a way to make program interact with administrator processes a few days ago, so this quick fix may not be needed in a few days.




In other news:

DGSweeper hasn't been working in fixed mode in the Jagex client. This will be fixed in the next update which will be when ever I can peel MageUK away from Tripsis. :P.


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