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Update - 13-Mar-2013

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After changing a lot of the core functions to speed things up and add support for fullscreen, I made a few boo-boos. As I don't play in fixed, I forgot to make sure it still worked in that display mode. Turns out, it didn't.

  • Changes

    • DGSweeper was randomly freezing. I can finally say, with 100% certainty, that this is fixed! It was a problem with DGSweeper getting stuck in an infinite loop and therefore never again launching the thread to search for the RuneScape applet.
    • It'll now, once again, work in fixed in the Jagex client. Last update I changed the way the applet information was stored. Previously:
      _dgs.runescape.visible.current=0 ;~ Meant it wasn't found.
      _dgs.runescape.visible.current=1 ;~ Meant it was in fixed.
      _dgs.runescape.visible.current=2 ;~ Meant it was in resizable.

      Well, I've separated them into two separate objects. One, _dgs.runescape.error, contains the status of the last _dgs_find_applet() call, and the other, _dgs.runescape.visible.current contains the last found display mode. It became:

      _dgs.runescape.visible.current=0 ;~ Meant it was in fixed.
      _dgs.runescape.visible.current=1 ;~ Meant it was in resisable.

      Therefore, threads were no longer fulfilling the if _dgs.runescape.visible.current statement. Woops.

    • Support for full-screen has been temporarily removed. This will be added again within two days.


  • Projects

    • Finish Find Members.




As always, if you find something wrong, please follow these directions.


A lot of players don't know about the hotkeys and hotstrings. Make sure you check them out here!


Thanks guys!


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