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Divination - 2007 Skilling Clan


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Founder - Geostigma


Leader - KingGeorgeIV


Events Team - Dr Muto


Forum Moderator - Natasha





The Old School Divination clan was formed on the 1st April 2013. After many successful years as a clan on the main version of Runescape, the clan has now moved onto the Old School version. Founded by Jarod, the clan will aim to reach the heights it achieved during it's most successful years, where we won the Jagex Cup 3 years in a row. We strive to remain one of the best, and are always on the look for new members to join our clan and community. If you think this is something for you, keep reading!




How to apply


In order to apply, you must first register at our site. After completing the registration process, please read the stickies in this forum, they will guide you on your way to becoming a member of Divination. There currently isn't any requirements for Divination. However, in the future when we set our standards higher there will be certain requirements you will have to meet to join Divination!



What we expect from you:

  • You are able to put the clan before yourself
  • You are able to act mature when needed
  • Try your best to be active
  • Last but not least, enjoy yourself, have fun!



This is what makes Divination so great. We have tons of fun events, competitions and forum games to keep us entertained. All of which also lets you get in touch with other members quickly after joining - making new friends is always fabulous!


We have events and competitions such as:

  • Tears of Guthix
  • Various minigames
  • Skilling Socials
  • Yearly Divination Awards
  • Member of the Month
  • 12 and 24 hour long skilling competitions
  • Week-long skilling competitions
  • Monthly Overall Trackers
  • Theme of the Month
  • Unique Skilling wars, such as the Divination Skilling League

Need any skilling tips? Feel free to ask in our IRC channel, Clan chat or on our forums! We'll be more than happy to help.

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