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  1. Got 99 banked with Blue d'hides. Probably get Tuesday.
  2. Crafting is going nice. Should have 99 by the end of the weekend. Also got a Smithing level. Been doing Blast Furnace when there's shifts going on in "truebf". Pretty good exp. Getting around 250k/hr but gets upto 300k. Shame my laptop is shit so I can't get the r8s RIP!
  3. Hey bimd I maxed. I have the cape :) Got 85 Woodcutting. Also got 94 Runecrafting but my laptop crashed RIP. Might do 85 Construction sometime soon for all 85+ but it's pretty expensive rn.
  4. I already have. Got a Max cape to prove it. : - )
  5. Ayyy so been slaying a little. Got 88 as well as 90 in all combats. Doing some RC at the moment. Got a clan Magic competition coming up so going to RC the Natures I need to get 90 Smithing. Should get me 96ish Magic I'd imagine. Also look at my DELIGHTFUL Slayer tab from 86-88 Slayer ayyylmao
  6. 85 Slayer. First task after I got 147 Abyssals too lel. Will do that tonight. Also got 88 Attack and Defence.
  7. Ayyy trying to escape burnout mode. Got 150-odd Kalphites as a Slayer task. Going to try to get the KQ head for Desert diaries. Got this on my fourth kill of the task looool.
  8. I wouldn't say so. I'd continue the betting with a set. More often than not they have an up and down than actually flopping it. Of course if the raise comes on the river there's a good chance they have it, at which point as sick as it is you have to fold.
  9. 98 Prayer. Been busy with work and going out every night([bleep] party animal eyyyy). Idk when I'll get 99 because #life
  10. Ayyy got 99 Prayer banked. I'd expect to get 99 Friday most likely. If not deffoooo Saturday. Possibly going to do Crafting after as well.
  11. Lots of work recently so gains have been minimal. 2100 achieved. 177 to go..
  12. So I have a magical number of pure essence left until 99 RC.. Hoping to have it done in little over 2 months.
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