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  1. Half way there. Rooftops were such a nice addition. I enjoyed doing Barb to 99 back in the day but Ardy tops that by a mile. Also the profit is sweet. :>
  2. Road to getting out of burnout mode is beginning to come into life.. Looking at getting 99 Agility next. Doing Magic Imbue while I do it to be uber efficient. After Agility I may do some Runecrafting and Thieving. Although, Slayer is looking quite likely as it'll be the best way to get me out of burnoutscape.
  3. 99 #5 Farming. Been Runecrafting a little. Making a little bit of gp. Just buying more Torstol seeds with profits to make more gp. Yay funscape.
  4. Maybe. Although I'd much prefer maxed stats before bossing. Actually gained a level today. Got 88 Mining. The extension of the Motherlode Mine is very nice. Xp rate is now at 40-45k depending on my attention rather than 40k max at any given time. May do some more Runecrafting. Astrals are like 120 each so that's quite nice profit. 99 Farming in 4 days.
  5. Congrats :> Will be nice for collecting Ecto with reward to charge bonecrusher for 99 Slayer!
  6. Trying to get out of burnout mode, but it's proving harder than I thought! Currently logging in for farm runs and that's it really. Chilling at Motherlode Mine whilst playing poker at the moment.
  7. Ayyy Mish you were right. It wasn't even that long. Just burned out in general from scape at the moment. Riperino.
  8. So I've decided to play Ironman mode. Inspired by Jamesybae. Although I'll be playing on Old School rather than RS3. The plan is.. 99 Hunter - 80 via Red sallys then 99 with Black chins Quest a little to get a half decent base and some Hitpoints. 99 Thieving - Blackjacking.. RIP wrist. 99 Fishing - Barb Fishing.. Gets nice Strength and Agility yay. More quests... 99 Ranged with the chins I caught.. Then who knows.. Here's 55 Hunter.
  9. Bit funny how they put Diaries back by 3 weeks so everything was perfect yet this wasn't. RIP.
  10. $1.10 buy in and I got $203 for winning. Happy days. Playing in the Micro Millions now.
  11. Ayyyy so I'm playing an Old School Ironman now with the amazing name of Liek. Played a Poker torny tonight that last around 8 hours. Managed to win it. Happy days.
  12. Very sick. Probably going to knock Herblore out first. Can't be bothered with Prayer. Too much effort!
  13. You stayed awake for 30 hours to get 8 Mining? Oh Draggle.. :wub:
  14. I'm very surprised Randy took it. Also makes no sense at all for Andrew to donate them lol. With his current exp, he would still get it before Randy would IMO.
  15. Thanks bbe. We Mish you. Decided to bank 99 Prayer and Herblore. Already got Farming banked. Prayer and Herblore should come in the next week with Farming probably 15 days or so away.
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