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  1. Soooooooo.. After 99 Runecrafting and 96 Prayer I should have around 330m Thats enough for all the gear and supplies I'll need for 99 Slayer happy days. Shame I'm only like 2.5-3 months away from Runecrafting being done topkek.
  2. Got a couple of 92s today. Runecrafting and Prayer. Double nats are funding Prayer quite nicely. Will be getting 96 Prayer for now before stopping. For doing Slayer, a dose of ppots restores the same amount at 96 as it does 99 so the extra gp will go towards supplies. May have to do some post 99 RC to bank it all. Looking at the following.. ~ 500k Cannonballs. ~ 5k Prayer potions ~ Bandos Chestplate & Tassets ~ Primordial Boots ~ Saradomin Godsword As well as ranging gear for Jad tasks. Super sets and maybe some other shit I can't think of RN. Long journey until then but aim big!
  3. Yeah it's quicker than running. I'm not sure how much by, but it is! 91 Runecrafting. Time to make the gp gains
  4. The very worst. I have no idea. I sent some points elbows in the post.
  5. Ayyy back to 07 lmao. I was majorly burned out from Old School and thought I'd give RS3 a try. That made me realise how shit RS3 is and how much I prefer le Old School.
  6. Should just do 99 Hunter tbh m8! The profit rn is insane and it's a fairly quick skill.
  7. Yeeee so I reached 600m total exp. Only 4.6b to!! May get 98 Divination tonight. Life has been real busy so haven't had much time to scape(not that that's a bad thing).
  8. Ayyy so I got 97 Divination and 115 lolDG. Will get 98 on Thursday and maybe 99 on Saturday or Sunday night. Work busy and girlfriend is a major xpw!
  9. Ayyy managed 93-96 Divination today. Hopefully 99 mid next week. Working 1-9 Friday and 8-6 both Saturday and Sunday RIP. Playing a live poker tornament on Saturday night and Sunday evening will be spent with the girlfriend so not too much time for gains. Max cape will be back next week though.
  10. Ayyy so it's time for my "play rs3 for a week then go back to OS". It hasn't happened for a while so it was due. Just majorly burned out from Old School at the moment and I don't see it ending any time soon. Anyways, got 94 Divination and should get 115 LOLDG in a few days. Got enough Bxpprod for 99 so hopefully that doesn't take too long. After that I plan to get the Comp cape(I literally have every single req to do :-[ ). Will also do some Slayer, Natures and maybe some Cooking depending on the prices.
  11. Eyyy so life has been real busy. 90 Mining doe. May get a Smithing and Woodchopping level tonight. We'll see.
  12. 94 Crafting. Last level before the clan Woodcutting competition starts. Spending tonight and tomorrow with le girlfriend then at a Halloween party on Saturday night so RIP gainzzzz
  13. Eyyy Mish Crafting will be quick. Doing Air Battlestaffs which are like 350k+/hour. Just gonna not be for over a week due to Woodcutting clan comp! Yo BXP I follow your lead of staying shit oooooooooooooooh.
  14. Not sure when Invention is planned but I'd imagine continuing Slayer. Slayer is the most afk of his remaining stats unless for some strange reason he decides not to 3t Woodcutting or Fishing.
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