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  1. 88 Runecrafting. The money I'm making from it is awesome. Just wish I could play a little more! So close yet so far to the sweet precious double Natures..
  2. 82 Woodchopping. New Infernal Axe(basically an Adze except degrades, nice money sink) actually makes Woodcutting bareable.
  3. To be a true player in the Dice game, your bag should be with purple dice not orange! You're welcome.
  4. 89 Mining. 88-89 was actually very quick. Just afk'ed whilst watching Prison Break. Wondering why I waited this long to start watching it! Haven't even finished Season 1 yet so no spoilers pls.
  5. 150m/4600m bois. Will hopefully gain a couple of levels tonight. Busy tomorrow and all day Saturday so won't get many gains in there.
  6. 3 levels today. Got 81 Ranged, 81 Slayer as well as 88 Thieving. Going to try and grind back into the top 1k total. Those levels will most likely include 85 Slayer and all the combats that come with it, 90 FIremaking and perhaps 99 Thieving. The price of Astral runes is amazing as well at the moment. Sold 17k earlier for 172 each. Would really like an SGS for Slayer so we'll see what comes.. Torstols are very nice profit too. #$wAg. My laughable Slayer tab from 80-81 Slayer will be below too toplel.
  7. Almost one month between Agility levels lel. Man.
  8. Yes they were messing around. They only managed 49m.
  9. Varrock Armour doesn't boost at the lode. Only the Falador diaries effect that(just in case you didn't know).
  10. Congrats fella. You'll be overtaking me soon RIP.
  11. OMG I gained a level. 92 Magic. I might actually get 97 Agility tomorrow too.
  12. So busy with life at the moment. Gained about 50k Agility exp over the past week. RIP gains.
  13. 96 Agility. No more failing laps! Will reach 92 Magic before I get 97 Agility. Hopefully get 99 within 2-3 weeks. Work sucks.
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