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  1. Would be nice to be able to play for more than 1 hour per day.
  2. 95 Agility on Sunday. Hoping for 99 by the end of June. Play time should be able to upped a little by the end of the month. Possibly doing 99 Mining after Aglity toplel.
  3. Rune Dragons? Wat even. Keep going. Despite the fact you're a top slacker I'm sure you'll have your Max Cape within the next 5 years.
  4. If it makes you feel any better. If it had of been your drop, or any of your friends. It is highly unlikely it would have been an Arcane. Drops are registered via the player not the NPC.
  5. It doesn't. Should get more! So here's a random level..
  6. Ayyyylmao. Maybe 91 Magic tomorrow. How to escape burnout mode; Imbuegility!
  7. Remember when Liverpool had Gerrard, Alonso and Mascherano? Now you're excited by Milner lol.
  8. M8s I'm in Edinburgh for 4 days with my girlfriend so that two day burnout won't happen gg.
  9. Burnout has hit me hard. Going to be playing some RS3 lel. Top of the agenda.. Quests for Elf City, 99 Divination to get my Max cape back, daily LOLDG challenges and some Slayer. Lets see how long this lasts..
  10. Ayyyy so barely played since 21st March according to my gainz tracker. Looking to get back into things. Almost dropped out of the top 1k players which is quite insane in two months. Did peak at 650ish and now to have dropped 350 that quickly is craaay. Going to start Slayer. The Slayer expansion looks nice and Slayer is always one skill to get me out of burnout mode. Just going to power slay. Shame I can't afford a SGS but who cares. 2041/2277. Lego.
  11. Been playing a lil more Ironman. Got this after 12 kills which was nice.
  12. Ayyy. So been Cooking whilst I've been busy. Passed 20m exp. Gonna try not to do anymore until after max. Climbing the ranks will be fun eventually! Passed 90 Magic. All been from Magic Imbue whilst doing Agility. The rest of 99 Agility will get me 93 Magic which will be naaaaaaise. Will get 93 Agility tonight. Warning; Leiks PM may cause severe amounts of laughter.
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