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  1. Ayyy they cute. 84 Slayer. Will get 98 Herblore tonight. Will also gain one more Ranged level before 85 Slayer. Hopefully get one more level in each of the melees too. Going to do 85 Construction after 99 Herb. Then yay for a week of Woodcutting... After that week I'll be working on 99 Crafting and 90 Smithing so I can knock off the Varrock diaries. After the diaries time to go live at the Quarry for 115 hours :))))))))))))))))))
  2. 87 Hitpoints, 84 Ranged and 97 Herblore. Expecting 99 on Wednesday at the very latest! Gains be good at the moment. When I banked 99 Herb, Range pots were 3170 each and now they're like 2500 :< Leaving the ones I've made so far in the GE for 3k so I don't lose too much more than expected. Also, I'm now less than 200 levels from Maxed total yay.
  3. 96 Herblore. Yay for Overlo..oh wait nevermind. Wrong game.
  4. True story. I rarely wear skillcapes tbh. Just fancied fashionscaping for a lil! Normally that full Graceful hype.
  5. 87 Attack and Defence. Those levels also got me 111 combat. Will get 83 Slayer tonight. Hoping to have 85 Slayer and Construction achieved before the end of the month. My clan is having a Woodcutting comp starting November 1st so that will sort out all stats 85+.
  6. Thanks guys :> Yay 4 Mish being back!! Also got 83 Range. Hopefully pick up a couple of levels tomorrow.
  7. Alright so I got 99 Agility eventually. [bleep] Puush went down when I went to take my screenshot and it didn't happen so RIP. Instead I have a screenshot in my new cape with the returning hero known as EmerladFarm next to me. Doing a little Slayer at the moment. Probably get 93 Herblore tomorrow and then make a start on Varrock elite. Totally looking forward to the 115 hours of Granite I have to do :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  8. I did the same thing. Won the daily 50m and got myself Up to 710k chips and withdrew and banned myself from the site. Now at a 130m+ bank and making dem gains!
  9. Gained some levels. Seriously cbf to finish off 99 Agility but I'll probably do that over the next few days. Only 443k away so shouldn't be too bad. Looking towards 99 Craft soon as well. Prices aren't too bad and it's nice expeeezes.
  10. Be patient Jamesy young padawan. 83 Woodcutting. Might get 99 Agility early next week. Going to be working on some Woodcutting, Thieving, Mining and Runecrafting for the forseeable future. Should be fun. #NotSoMadGainz
  11. 98 Agility. Also got 93 Magic but screenshot my game of poker instead of the level lel. 99 most likely in a week. Working a lot as well as super needy gf = major exp waste!
  12. Somewhat regret not making my alt earlier now that NMZ is nerfed!
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