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DGSweeper Update - Need Testers


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Hello, fellow dungeoneers.


I'm in need of a few people who dungeoneer a few times each day. I've been rewriting DGSweeper in my free time, what little of it I have, and have it to a point where people can begin to test it.


I'm in need of people who play through the following clients:

jagexlauncher,swiftkit-rs,chrome,firefox,iexplore,opera,javaw32 (RSBuddy)


With Tip.It's recent downtime, I got waaay too many messages through Skype and XP-Waste regarding it not working. So, I've taken the time to address this. If DGSweeper has old resources available, and can not connect to Tip.It, it'll use the old resources until it can connect.


I've also changed the way it locates the applet. It completely removes the possibility of entering an infinite loop, which was causing most, not all, of the freezing. I leeched about 10 floors earlier, opening my map, and it didn't freeze once.


I've also removed the need for other libraries, such as GDI+, which will make it a lot smaller and hopefully run a bit quicker. Not that it was large to begin with, but the one I'm working on is a mere 800KB as of yet.


Maybe I can talk MageUK into using websockets for Connect. =/.


Anyways, if you're interested in trying it out, shoot me a PM here on the forums or add me on Skype. My username is Stev.Zany.




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