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TMHT June Calendar

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Week 1: Corporeal Beast

We head back to an old TMHT favorite the first event this month. The Corporeal Beast has only gifted us with one sigil in our long history, but maybe we'll get a stroke of luck this time!

Week 2: Nex

Nex's reign as the toughest boss in the game may be over, but her drops remain as some of the most powerful (and expensive!). With a mix of good drop rates and expensive drops, we look forward to having a good haul in the second week of June.

Week 3: Armadyl GWD

Kree'Arra, the graceful aviansie general, is another TMHT classic. He's been grateful enough to drop his armor for us in the past, and hopefully he'll continue to do so this month and beyond.

Week 4: Dagannoth Kings

Our final outing this month takes us into the depths of Waterbirth to face the fabled dagannoth kings where we'll hunt for some of the best rings in the game. Though not the most profitable bosses in the game, they are among the most exciting and thrilling, so we look forward to having a wonderful time!

Happy hunting!

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Sorry all, I've been extremely inactive from RS lately, will be back soon and be available to host!

Thanks for the patience

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